Monday, May 17, 2021

[PROMO CODE] New Sudio Nio Case Made of Vegan-friendly Material - Guess What It is!

Sustainable living is quickly becoming a lifestyle for many and that includes international brands like Sudio. In line with their aims to shape life through immersive sound with their audio products, they believe that a part of shaping life comes from respecting life on this planet. And that can be done with sound environmental practices. 

Taking a step closer to sustainability, Sudio has incorporated plant based leather derived from the most unassuming of organic materials into the new Sudio Nio case. Take a guess. No, it's not banana and no, it's not oranges either despite have a skin like leather. 

It's in fact apple peels. 

Made from vegan-friendly material, the new case was created for their popular Sudio Nio earphones which launched earlier this year. Known for its comfort-fit wingtips, IPX4 water resistance, and adaptive dual-microphone technology, the Sudio Nio is as stylish as it gets and it's no surprise that owners will want a casing to keep it safe and secure. 

The Sudio Nio case utilizes upcycled bio-materials, sustainably fashioned by Italian manufacturer Paq Vegan Leather. The process starts with reclaimed apple peels from the Bolzano valley, nestled between the hills and vineyards of northern Italy. The peels are dried and pulverized into a fine powder to create a base material incorporated with other non-toxic ingredients and organic pigments. The end result is a biodegradable leather alternative that’s both durable and soft to the touch. It’s far better for the planet than any other leather product, and certified by both the USDA and VeganOk.

Just look at how sleek my Sudio Nio looks with its new outfit. The material is indeed soft to the touch with a study strap band to hold the lid in place. Now I don't need to worry about losing my earphones in that dark crevasses of my bag whenever the lid of the charging box accidentally pops open. There is also no weird smell that some bio materials have. 

For now the Sudio Nio case only available in black but hopefully soon they will introduce more colour options to suit our moods (and bags). Now thanks to Sudio, I have a promo code when you order the Sudio Nio from the official website!


Get 15% discount off your purchase when you key in NIOCASE at checkout. On top of that, you will also get:

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  • 3 years warranty with Sudio Sphere.
Order from by 6 June 2021 to start making a small but significant difference to the world. 

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