Sunday, May 16, 2021

Korean Egg Roll (Gyeran-mari 계란말이) Recipe

This Korean dish is so easy I have no idea why had taken me so long to try it out. I bought an omelette pan from Don Don Donki for this purpose and until now, it has just been used to fry bacon. But nevertheless, making Korean Egg Roll also known as Gyeran-mari (계란말이) is super easy. You can even make it with the usual frying pan for a bigger portion. 
In Korean cuisine, Gyeran-mari is usually a savoury banchan (side dish), one component to making up a hearty meal. Kids and adults alike love it and you can add anything you like to it. It's also a great way for parents (and adults) to sneak in some vegetables into their meals. 

Main Ingredients:
5 Eggs 
1 carrot (chopped/diced finely) 
1 Tbsp Cooking Oil
⅛ Generous tsp Salt

Tip 1: You can add on any ingredient you like to this dish. Just ensure they are finely chopped beforehand 
Tip 2: The rule of thumb is the more eggs you add, the more times you will need to roll it on the pan. 
Tip 3: Do not overcrowd the egg mixture with the fillings. It would be harder to roll up

1. Crack eggs into a bowl and beat it like how your parents beat you when you don't get A in school. Or until it's well mixed and silky. Add in a salt.

2. Add in diced carrots into the egg mixture. If you're adding raw ingredients like mushroom, bell pepper or meat to your omelette, be sure to cook them first. 
3. Heat pan on medium low heat and add oil to the pan, spreading it evenly. 
4. Evenly pour in a portion of your egg mixture onto the pan to coat it completely. 

5. The egg is ready to be rolled when it has set but is still wet on top. Using a spatula, start to fold it. 
6. Push the rolled egg against one side of the pan and pour another layer of the mixture onto the pan. 

7. Once that layer has set, fold the first roll over it to create a second layer. Continue until your mixture is finished. 
8. Now leave it to cooldown for 10 minutes. If you cut into it too soon, the egg might still be undercooked and will fall apart easily. 
9. Once it has cooled, cut it up and serve. 

And that's it. It takes practice and experimenting to figure out what works for you but once you get it, this will be one of the most versatile and healthy dishes you can add to your meals.

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