Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Mirror Lake Shah Alam: Nusa Rhu Entrance

After killing my knees on my previous hike, my lazy ass was determined to find the easier route to the Shah Alam Mirror Lake via the Nusa Rhu entrance. When I checked Google, there were a couple of confusing reviews left by visitors claiming that the entrance was closed to public and that the security guard would chase away anyone trying to enter the gated community of Nusa Rhu where the entrance was located. 

When we got to the guard house, we were instructed to park outside the gate community along the road. Cones were set up to prevent inconsiderate drivers from parking at the corners of the road but other than that, anywhere along the white line was fine. We waved thanks to the guard on the way in and headed down the road to the entrance. As it was resident neighbourhood with a surau at the entrance, I wondered if the residents were bothered by the hordes of people that probably flocked in over the weekends.

Either way, we kept our voices low out of respect. As soon as we turned on the trail route, we could already see the lake in all its still glory. The morning sun was casting its gentle rays on the blue lake with a fine layer of mist drifting across the surface. The residents of Nusa Rhu are very fortunate to have this in their backyards. 

We started tracking to the left, following the relatively flat trail that basically hugged the banks of the lake. The clattering of monkeys and birds can be heard all around us and the sun continued to steam past the trees. 

There were a few well-known pitstop points along the way - recognisable from social media - and before we knew it, we were at the popular part of the lake with the benches. The fishes and insects were active at that hour, causing ripples across the lake surface. 

We continued on our way, circling around the lake to make our way back to the car. Over all, this route only took about an hour and a half around the lake at a leisurely pace. I must say I did find myself enjoying this route, allowing me to be more appreciative of the nature around us rather than dreading a tiring hike back. 

You can find out more about the Setia Alam entrance and trail here.

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