Sunday, April 24, 2022

[REVIEW] Work-STAYCATION at Capri by Fraser Bukit Bintang Kuala Lumpur Part 2

Let it be known that I was not just slaving away with work when I was staying at Capri by Fraser Bukit Bintang which you can read about here in part 1. Sure their fast and stable wifi, working spaces and the Pow Wow lounge made it easier to get work more productively but having a salt water infinity pool on the 41st floor made it even better. 

I spent most of my mornings at the pool to catch the sunrise while taking a dip. The water was salt water, selected for its health benefits in relaxing the body without that chlorine smell. The only thing missing was a pool bar serving up cocktails and coffee....

Along with the infinity pool, the 41st floor also held the Spin N Play - a rest and relax space with a foosball table, television and circling views of Kuala Lumpur. Here, long-term occupants lounged in the comfortable beanbags while waiting for their laundry with the hotel's self-serving, coin operated washing machines and dryers. The sauna was also located in the changing room here, making it easy for guest to transition from pool to sauna to washing up and straight to doing their laundry. 

After my dip in the pool and a quick washup, it was off to the Den for their buffet breakfast. Located on the mezzanine of the 40th floor, you can enjoy a meal wit a view. The buffet selection was limited but the quality and service triumphed over quantity any day. And honestly, how much can you eat? My immediate go to was the egg station, always for all-in omelette and the coffee machine. 

The staff was also ever present to take your drink order if you are too busy stuffing your face with their delicious nasi lemak and pastries. As part of their SOP, guests are required to wear a plastic glove and their face mask when taking food. If you're lucky, you can score some fresh out-of-the oven pastries like croissants and pain au chocolate! Those were seriously good. 

As my sister and I were finishing up breakfast, the staff went to each table and offered the guest fresh chocolate cake and oh me oh my, it was so decadent. Even if you're full, it would be a sin to not try their chocolate cake with a hint of hazelnut. 

Psst, Capri, please have it on your day menu and I will gladly drop by the Den for coffee and cake more often. 

As mentioned previously, the Den doesn't serve food outside of breakfast but they are working to add this on in the coming months! 

Now, after all that nom nom on all three mornings at Capri, hitting the gym seemed like a must which I did on most of the evenings. I have a body weight workout programme, courtesy of Chloe Ting and the weights at the gym complimented my 1 hour session well. Spacing for body-weighted workouts was a bit awkward as most of the windows and walls with mirrors are taken up by the machines and weight rack. 

But understandably, the layout was to accommodate for social distancing so I managed.  

But if the gym doesn't do it for you (like hello, you're on holiday!), then fret not because you can easily burn calories just walking and exploring Bukit Bintang and its vicinity by foot or public transportations. 

Most of the time, when you get to your hotel, you would be all hyped up to leave immediately to explore the area and make the most of your staycation and holiday. But believe me, Capri was one of those rare hotels where you are torn between staying in the hotel to enjoy their facilities and actually going outside to explore the surroundings. 

I spent my Saturday morning just strolling around Pavilion and Lot 10 but as it was also the weekend of that crazy Moonswatch launch at Pavilion, the crowds were crazy. After buying some ingredients to cook for lunch from Don Don Donki, Lot 10, I retreated back to my premier one bedroom apartment. 

Using my laptop, I projected my music onto their smart entertainment system and their very fancy soundbar in the living room and just soaked the afternoon away in the tub with a bubble bath with a view of TRX in the background with a glass of apple cider in hand.

A bit extra, I know but after all the work I did throughout the week, I deserve my break and Capri offered just that.  

A good chunk of my stay was also spent watching Netflix (hello Business Proposal!) and playing with my sister's cat, Zorro that came to stay with us for one night.

Oh, and by the way, Capri by Fraser Bukit Bintang is also pet-friendly so don't just spoil yourself, spoil your furkid too. Currently the pet-friendly area is only limited to your respective rooms and there is a 8kg weight limit for your pet with an extra RM180 charge per pet per night.

For Zorro, we brought along a makeshift litter tray and his food in containers. To keep him from redecorating the apartment, we kept him confined to the bathroom whenever we went out. Thankfully, he was a cat well-adjusted to go out so it wasn't an all too stressful outing for him. Just something to consider for any pet owners wanting to bring their pets for a city staycation. 

What about guests with dogs? How does Capri clean the room after a dog has stayed there, you might wonder? Fret not because Capri has considered this and their housekeeping will do a thorough samak/ religious cleansing once the dog has checked out.   

Capri by Fraser strives to balance work with play, appealing to the modern working group of young adults especially in a post-pandemic era when working remotely has become acceptable. They understand that people no longer are shackled to their work desk at office hours and that work can become a holiday too. 

Despite its high tech facilities and stellar location, Capri by Fraser Bukit Bintang does something many other hotels fail at and that is making its guests feel like they are coming home to a familiar face and space.  

So if you're considering this hotel for your next staycation for you and your pet, click on over to their website here to book. 

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