Monday, April 4, 2022

Trying out the Car Lift at Capri by Fraser Bukit Bintang

I recently stayed at Capri by Fraser Bukit Bintang and wasn't the only one getting a staycation. My car too got a flood-free stay for 3 nights in their amazing elevated parking bays. You know those car parking spaces in Japan's cities where cars go in and magical disappear after the shutters close? Well, they have it here too and considering how it rained cats and dogs for two of the evenings I was there, it was such a relief that my car wasn't waterlogged. 

Using the car lift might be a head-scratcher for first timers but after one time, it was surprisingly easy. Upon arriving at Capri by Fraser, all I had to do was drive around the back and get a parking card. There was a screen showing me which tower to drive to and when I did, the shutters were already open for my car to enter. 

The car lift was spacious enough for my RAV4 to enter nose first and the lift was equipped with sensors and mirrors to aid me. Once parked, I turned off the engine and took out all my baggage and the parking card. Don't lose the card as you need it to pay and retrieve your car later. 

Once I tapped the card on the reader on the wall beside the lot. my car was off to its own cooling holiday in their elevated covered parking system. The best part was then I needed to drive elsewhere, my car was delivered to me nose facing out and I could just whoosh off without needing to do the awkward dance of reverse forward reverse. 

Parking was RM12 for guests. You need to get your card validated at the lobby on the 40th floor before going down to the ground floor to pay for parking. You can wait in the waiting area there and take a few photos while you're at it. 

But I should also mention that the wait for the car lift can take awhile. I waited 15 minutes and heard of people waiting longer especially at peak periods and weekend. 

I heard that Capri by Fraser Bukit Bintang was looking into ways to overcome this problem especially at peak occupancy. But until this has been sorted out...pandai-pandai la plan when you wanna take your car or just Grab or the trains into Bukit Bintang. 

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