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5 Wildlife encounters in Western Australia

To say that Western Australia is vast is putting it lightly. Not only is it Australia’s biggest state, taking up one third of the continent, it is also home to 141 of Australia’s 207 mammal species and 439 reptile species, 1,600 fish species (that’s a lot of fishes) and over 1,200 species of wildflowers! Now that is a lot of flora and wildlife!

You will be surprised by how easy it is to come across an encounter with any one of Western Australia’s native wildlife in almost all your Aussie adventures. Here are five wildlife encounters you can look forward to in Western Australia. Be sure to save this post for future reference when you’ve gotten your Aussie ETA.
Quokkas | Rottnest Island

Credit: Tourism Western Australia

Meet the happiest animal on the planet – the Quokka. Ask just about any local and they will tell us that a selfie with this cute little fella is a must. Rottnest Island is home to the biggest population of Quokkas in the country with over 10,000 of them living happily on the island. For their safety, the entire island is car-free but you can rent a bicycle or take the island bus to get around.

Credit: Danny Flying Solo

To get to Rottnest Island, just take the ferry from Fremantle, a short drive away from the city of Perth.

Sea Turtles | Ningaloo Reef Marine Park

Credit: Alex Kydd

Did you know that six of seven sea turtle species have made the coast of Western Australia their home? The most common are the green, loggerhead, flatback and hawksbill turtles. At Ningaloo Reef Marine Park, you can swim and snorkel with a sea turtle all year-round within the reef’s inner lagoon. During nesting season, you might be able to catch sight of hatchlings.

Credit: Ningaloo Centre

But do read up on the Turtle Watching Code if you’re planning on doing some turtle spotting during mating, nesting or hatching seasons from October to Match.

Bottlenose Dolphins | Coastlines of Western Australia

Credit: Australia Explorer

If dolphin watching or swimming with one is on your bucket list, Western Australia ranks high as one of the world’s top destinations for memorable close encounters with these delightful creatures. While you might be able to catch a glimpse of the pod living in Swan River, Perth, you will have a higher chance of dolphin interactions at these spots around Western Australia: the protected bays of Rockingham and Shoalwater Island Marine Park, the spectacular waterways of Mandurah, Bunbury Dolphin Discovery Centre in Bunbury’s Koombana Bay, and the turquoise shallows of Monkey Mia Beach.

Credit: Rockingham Wildlife Encounter

Personally, I have done swimming with dolphins in Rockingham and the experience was fantastic! The entire time, the guides were very respectful of the creatures’ space and we even got some leaping action from the playful pod towards the end of the trip.

Australian Sea Lions | Jurien Bay

Credit: Fair Dinkum Traveller

Come face to face with the rarest species of sea lions in the world, the endangered Australian Sea Lions. Primarily found along the coast of Western Australia and South Australia, there are only less than 12,000 left in the wild. For the best chance, head to Jurien Bay, a short 2 hours and 30 minutes’ drive from Perth.

Credit: Kleenheat

Expect to see them in large groups, sunbaking on the shores or frolicking in the waters like the sea puppies they are. While it can be relatively easy to swim near these marine lions, you should never attempt to touch them.

Whale Shark | Ningaloo Reef Marine Park

Credit: Exmouth Diving

Between March to July, whale shark season is at its peak. During this period, it is the best time to experience something so few have done – swimming with these giant beasts at the Ningaloo Reef. Be transported to the magical underwater world alongside the beautiful and harmless whale sharks which can grow up to 18m long. Ningaloo Reef has the highest reliability rate in the world for whale shark interactions with tour operators available in Coral Bay and Exmouth.

Credit: Smithsonian Mag

As the tour period may vary from location to location, best to check with Ningaloo Marine Park for the available tour dates or have your travel agent plan it out for you if this is one on your bucket list!


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