Friday, April 7, 2023

[Roku Gin Spring Cocktails] Grapefruit at Penrose KL

The grapefruit is a large citrus fruit that originated from Barbados and is now planted across the world, especially in hotter climates. From late winter to early spring, the grapefruit turns a beautiful orange and the flesh a deep pink. This is when the fruit is at its peak of maturity, in its “shun”. Its strong citrus flavour, coupled with an intense tart and bitter finish, makes it a very unique fruit to elevate a Roku cocktail.

Penrose KL’s Founder and Head bartender, Jon Lee, opted for the tropical grapefruit as his pairing for the Roku signature cocktails this season.
Named in tribute to the land, the Rising Sun (RM 55) is a Japanese riff on the Classic Salty Dog cocktail, made with grapefruit, dashi tincture, rectified watermelon, Luxardo maraschino, Violette liqueur and Roku. The combination of these flavours is a unique way to showcase the layers of the grapefruit pairing.

The Sakura’s Calling (RM 55) is a sour style cocktail with complex layers that are floral, nutty, and zesty. Made with Sakura, cacao, toasted barley, and grapefruit tincture, this cocktail stands out with its combination of the Malaysian cacao and grapefruit.

For the ultimate Tom Collins, Momoiro (RM 55) is a beautiful harmony with a zesty hint of the grapefruit and flavours of the sweet peach, showcasing the full body of Roku in an effervescent cocktail.

“Grapefruit has always been my favourite citrus to work with as it is complex with its sweet, bitter, and zesty notes that complement almost any refreshing cocktail. Roku as the base expresses the flavour of the grapefruit like no other gin. The flavours of the cherry blossom and bergamot paired with its woody finish is perfect to showcase the grapefruit at its “shun” in a cocktail. The signature cocktails curated are perfect for drinkers who enjoy balanced, clean and elevated flavours,” said Lee.

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