Friday, April 7, 2023

[Roku Gin Spring Cocktails] Apricot at Concubine

The widely-loved Apricot was originally domesticated in China and now cultivated across the world. Closely related to the peach and plum, apricots are rich in vitamins and minerals. This sweet fleshy rounded fruit peak in flavour and are ready for harvest between late spring to early autumn, in its “shun”. This is when the Apricot develops an intense sweetness and a rich fruity aroma perfect for desserts and to elevate a Roku cocktail. 

Amongst the succulent selection of produce, Bar Supervisor of Concubine, Mon, picks the juicy apricot, in honour of its Chinese origins.

The Summer Apricot (RM 42) is loosely inspired by the Breakfast Martini, a decadent way to start the night (or day, if you prefer). The San Parasol Apricot (RM 42) is highlighted by the apricot smoked syrup and smoked dates used to give more depth and complexity. For a refreshing tipple, the Apricot Cherry Breezer (RM 42) is made with Amontillado Sherry which adds a unique nuttiness which complement the flavours of the apricot exceptionally well and elevate the flavours of Roku for this spirit forward cocktail.

Mon believes that “Apricots in its peak are sweet and extremely delicious. The right balance of sweet and tart notes are a perfect match to the floral character of Roku.”

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