Sunday, November 16, 2014

An Indulging Charity at Indulge, TGV 1Utama

Now who says you can't treat yourself while doing some charity?

Taking the initiative to give back to charity, TGV in partnership with Omnicom Media Group have launched A Delicious Charity campagn in order to raise funds for PERTIWI Soup Kitchen and Fungates Superflow Foundation. 

From November 2014 to October 2015 (a whole year!), 12 different dishes will be featured each month, of which 5% of the 'dish of the month' will go to charity. The 12 dishes were selected and  made reality from the pages of the OMG Can Cook recipe book which only cost RM10.

In the coming months, here are some of the dishes you can expect to look forward to.

For this November 2014, fill your bellies with the warmth of Baked Beans Macaroni Hot Pot (RM14). Served with an ideal amount of mozzarella cheese (not too little or too much to make it cheesy), the ceramic dish ensure that the baked beans mixed with pasta and tomato paste sauce maintains its heat as you dig in.

December 2015 offers Braised Lamb Shoulders (RM32) which is served with grilled potato wedges and brown sauce.

January 2015 opens up the new year with the vibrant and healthy Tomato-OJ Bruschetta (RM9). The bread white was rather soft but its orange and tomatoes are fresh and the flavours shows in each bite.

For something with a touch of Thai, you will have to wait until February and March 2015 for Indulge's Mango Tango (RM14) and Thai Mango Salad (RM12) respectively. The Mango Tango gains its kick from unripe mangoes tossed with onion, cili padi, fish sauce and lime juice while its milder cousin, the Thai Mango Salad offers green mangoes, cuttlefish and basil leaves.

Mango Tango

Thai Mango Salad
April's special dish might just be my favourite of all with its pan-seared salmon with fresh greens (RM36). Anticipate salmon fillet with a side of salad and drizzled with sauce. It is the ultimate meal for the weight conscious.

Get ready to laugh yourself silly with Ha ha Prawns (RM26) in May 2015. This traditional Chinese dish would go wonderfully with a side of steamed rice or in my case, with August's dish. 

The Delish Mango layered Yogurt (RM15) for June 2015 may look like a jelly cake but I can assure you it was more than that. Soft and smooth, this dessert was indeed worth of its delish name as the sweet sour tang of mango blended well with the plain yogurt and simply tantalizes the tastebuds.

Get healthy the traditional Chinese way with White Fungus with Gingko nuts in July 2015.

For a delicious pasta meal, you will have to wait for August 2015 as its fragrant pad grapow seafood spaghetti (RM18) was to die for. Drizzled and cooked with olive oil, it comes with a generous portion of prawn and squid drenched in fish sauce.  

Kick September 2015 with something strong in the form of three dumplings. However inside the botak fried wontan (RM12) are chili tuna mixed with plenty of ginger that emitted an pungent yet delicious smell. 

And finally to wrap up the year long charity initiative, is the Sauteed fish with ginger and scallions (RM18). While it may seems like a Chinese staple dish, don't forget that it's cooked in Chinese cooking wine for more zest.

So how bout it? A movie a month at Indulge over dinner and while we are it, do some good for charity by ordering these dishes each month. Find yourself craving a past 'dish of the month'? Then buy the OMG Can Cook recipe book and make it yourself! 

For more information about A Delicious Charity, the OMG Can Cook recipe book and the beneficiaries, please log on and

To book a table and sample the dish-of-the-month, please call: 03 7722 2590.

To order your copies of the OMG Can Cook, please contact:

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