Sunday, November 26, 2017

The Many Views of Mount Fuji part 2 - From a Chuo Highway Bus

PART TWO - This was the first time I actually saw Mount Fuji in all her naked glory from a highway bus passing by Fuji Q Highland and it had been at the most frustrating of times.
Taken on 2 September 2015 - I ascended Japan's highest mountain in the worst possible weather ever; heavy rain, directionless winds, sub-zero temps and no sunrise. I'll be back, Fujisan. Please be kind to me then. 
I had actually just descended from Mount Fuji that morning after a cold and miserable hike up the previous day in torrent rain. A typhoon was just passing off the coast of Japan and we got to experience its rain and winds throughout our hike right into the morning when we summited. We never saw the famed Fuji sunrise. Oh well, at least we climbed Japan's tallest mountain.

Read about it here and here:

My travel companions were dozing off when our bus back to Tokyo hit the highway and I happened to glance out the window and saw this seemingly taunting view of clear blue skies and a bare top Fuji looking down at me. I learnt (via Instagram-stalking) that the sunrise the following morning was stunning. It was there and then I promised to come back and conquer Mount Fuji again.

And I did - two years later. Read about it here.


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