Friday, November 30, 2012

10 Things I am Thankful For

I was going to post something else but then I got some really awesome news to round up my already awesome month. So I am going to share 10 things I am grateful for since November is also Thanksgiving Month.

So it goes:
1. My dad coming home from a 2 year job stint in Bangkok
Never thought I'd say this but I am sort of glad he's back. Even it means no more monthly shopping trips to Bangkok. It just means more food outings for me and the family in Malaysia! Yay!

2. Completing Sem 2 of my Masters
Writing features and lifestyle stories are a piece of cake compared to theoretical essays and assignments for Masters but I survived. As much as I miss having a steady income, having worked in a hectic industry has allowed me to appreciate student life so much more. Now with just one more semester to go next year, soon I'll be back in the working world.

3. Friends who share my love for dancing
Finding people who share the same passion for something isn't easy. That's why I am glad for all my friends and teachers at Sole to Soul Dance studio. In between all our classes and practises, I enjoy the camraderie, the laughter and fun times we have. We are like one big happy family of dancing lunatics!
One big happy crazy family
4. Travelling to Maldives
I owe this one to my former company, Blu Inc Media and to Lady Luck for giving me this opportunity. Maldives is sinking, no thanks to global warming and I am glad to be able to have visited it before it became the next Atlantis. My island resort, Huvafen Fushi was gorgeous and the people there were just wonderful! *UPDATED: Maldives series is up. Start here*

Here's preview of the post to come.
5. My Blog
I was initially hesitant to start blogging again but because I enjoy writing as much as I love dancing, I did. Taking up blogging once more has allowed me to write for an audience again and in doing so, made me focus on the positive and good things in my life like watching movies, eating good food, meeting new people and so on. Things that we take for granted on a daily basis. Never mind the fact that blogging has also opened up my sphere to a whole new experience of writing, free movie screenings and new friends.

6. Youtube Vbloggers
This is a funny thing to be grateful for but I am glad for people like Ryan Higa, KevJumba, Jenna Marbles and Wong Fu Productions for coming up with videos to entertain us, make us laugh or potentially change our perspectives in life (as corny as that sounds...). They are the ones who voice out the things you don't see or hear in mainstream media and sometimes the things closest to us. They do this to connect with their viewers much like how writers and bloggers reach out to their readers. Teehee!
Ryan Higa...or is it Regina Higa...
7. My pets
As much as I want to strangle them sometimes for the mess they make, I adore my cats and dogs. They give me the simplest joy everyday that keeps me from going on a murderous rampage at certain people's stupidity and ignorance. *ah, strokes the cat*

8. Bootcamp
Oh glorious sweat, mud, aching muscles. How I love thee... Thank you, Original Bootcamp for giving me an appreciation for having a perfectly healthy body. I am not your average sized Asian girl but having to work to get in shape has made me love my physical self for the way God has intended it to be.
Free mud body treatment!
9. My viewers
Fans, haters, fellow bloggers or just plain-I-got-nothing-to-do-but-read-blogs-all-day, I don't care. I am grateful to all of you! (for contributing to my stats). This blog is just only over a month old but so far, the number of pageviews has been beyond my expectations. I sort of only expected 4 views per post. From my parents, sister and my cat sleeping on the F5 button. Thank you all!

And if you think that this post is rather corny or is a way for me to blow my own trumpet, then feel free to hit Ctrl+W. I thank you nonetheless for dropping by (and contributing to my pageviews).

10. Getting a MPA Merit Award *This is the great news that inspired this post!*
Another thing I am grateful to my ex-company for. Without Blu Inc, I wouldn't have had my stories published at all. As a writer, all I want was to write stories and have people read them. But to actually receive a merit award from MPA is just mindblowing. I certainly did not expect this news at all because I have left the magazine line for months now. My former editor and boss deserves a special thanks in this for guiding and sharpening my writing skills. It's nice having my work recognised.
(MPA: Magazine Publishers Association)

Thanks to Zara for snapping the picture.
It goes without say (I am saying it anyway), I am thankful for my family and friends for putting up with my madness and to God for giving me this positive outlook in life. I believe we all have things to be thankful for. You just have to see it.

Now let's carve open that turkey! Or chicken, since Malaysia doesn't have turkey....

Happy Thanksgiving-or-not-because-December-is-Here!

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