Friday, November 16, 2012

Roxy Madness - Clubbing Essentials for Girls.

So a few weeks ago, I received an sms invitation by Roxy for their Family and Friends' Sale that took place on a Saturday at the Midvalley outlet. I was there at 10am to beat the crowd...which I didn't because there was already about 15 people rummaging through the racks. I guess 50 % discounts on expensive beach wear do bring out the early bird in people.

source: Roxy Malaysia website

Roxy's collection was extensive, offering more bags, dresses, purses, skirts and shirts compared to five years ago. I was drawn to their brown Native America-inspired shoulder bags but as I was on a budget, I really had to ask myself, Shopaholic-style:
"Do I need this?"

But I did need a clutch purse for clubbing for various reasons so I got one. And here it is. Along with a loose T-shirt.

50% off everything.
 If you have read my earlier post about clubbing on Halloween, you would know I have a thing against girls bringing huge ass bags to clubs. If you're one of those girls, just stop it. Stop bringing your overnight bags/pitless handbags to crowded clubs. It is inconsiderate and annoying. Get a clutch purse that can fit these important items:

But what about your makeup, you ask. Well, if you're good, then your makeup should last you at least 4-5 hours of clubbing. If not, I suggest investing in waterproof or long-wearing makeup. Take only the small items like eyeliner or lipstick with you.

Back to clutches: Go look for one at Roxy. Or Jusco. Or at a blog shop. Or Asos.

Just get one.

Make life easier for you, the people around you and your boyfriend who now doesn't need to drag your bag around. Oh, and another thing. Don't let/make your boyfriend carry your handbag. Have the decency to preserve his masculinity in public because you know people will be sneering at him for being your whipping boy and at you for being too lazy or frail to carry your own bag.
(whoopse, went on a rant there...)

Redundant facts about the writer: in my college years, my friends and I went on a Roxy craze where the only birthday prezzies we would accept from each other were Roxy items. That year, I got a handbag, a purse, a shirt and a pair of slippers, all from Roxy. Looking back now, I realised how spoiled we were. First world problems much?

Peace out.

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