Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Comic Fiesta 2012 - Cosplay & Gaming Winners!

Comic Fiesta 2012 was not only an event by fans for fans. It also awarded the most diehard and hardcore cosplayers for their efforts and the most skilled gamers for their talents and dedication to their respective games. Prizes were given out by Mr. CF president himself, Arisa as Coffy and the respective sponsors of each categories.
So here it goes:
Best in Hall:
Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn
Best in LOL:
Hard Gay
Best Group Cosplay:
Team Gintama

Best Solo Cosplay:
Kyary Pamyu-Pamyu
Best Performance:
Beatrice from Umineko
Best Costume:
Father Leon Garcia De Asturias from Trinity Blood

Best Craftmanship:
Young Xehanort's hair from Kingdom Hearts 3D
Counter Strike: Global Offensive tournament
1st Place:
Team DC SmackDown from Philippines
2nd Place:
Team Orange Esports from Malaysia
Ultimate Marvel VS CAPCOM tournament:
(Sponsored by KDU, courtesy of SAMSUNG)
1st place
Aiman Azri
2nd place: Louis Tan
3rd place: Keen Fai
Jonathan Tan
Won a Lifetime CF Pass!
 Coffy Creative Challenge
Sponsored by Saito College
Christine Chuah
1. Watt Pei Mei
2. Choo Kah Chun
3. Loh Shiaw Shan
4. Wee Shwu Pei
To view the finalists' design, click here.
to the winners and participants
who took part and did their best!
Thanks to otakuclubrkidz and Nuyuin for the photos and to Jane for the complete winner list.
*Writer's note: My sincerest apologies as some of the winner pictures are unavailable or cannot be properly identified. The same goes if the labellings are wrong. Just let me know or send me the right picture and I'll correct them in a jiffy!

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