Friday, January 11, 2013

Doodle my Phone Cases

Back when my dad was stationed in Bangkok, I went there so often that it felt like I should apply for dual citizenship with Thailand. I loved it there. The people, the streets, the food (oh, the food!) and of course the shopping.

And there was one thing I would always buy whenever I was there. Handphone casings for my iPhone. The designs were endless and not to mention, dirt cheap especially if you know how to bargain or plan to buy them in bulk. You can get a simple casing for only 100baht (RM10) or at most 250baht (RM25) for the more intricate designs.

Then my relationship with Bangkok came to an end when my dad ended his contract there and came back to Malaysia permanently. That meant no more cheap pretty hand phone casings for me because those found in Malaysia, original are freaking expensive!

On top of that, I just got myself an iPhone 4S and the casing that came with it was swiped by my dad for his own iPhone....which left my phone butt naked.

As luck would have it, right about the same time, my friend Senri announced her blog collaboration with Doodle Cases, a blogshop that specialises in reasonable fancy phone casings and accessories.

Living by their motto is 'Affordability and Variety. Because your gadgets need to dress up too!', I did find several (read: a lot) of eye-catching designs for my new phone. And at prices that won't break my bank account.

pic from Doodle Cases.
 As you can imagine, I went a little crazy in selecting and ordering my designs.I even forced persuaded my mom to order one for her Samsung. So I made the order via email and paid via Maybank2U. While I opted for delivery by poslaju, Doodle Cases also does COD. Now that's hassle-free!

pic from Doodle Cases.
I initially ordered four cases for myself and one for mummy dearest. But unfortunately, the Iron Man design I wanted was out of stock and they didn't know when it would be coming in. Instead of keeping quiet about it, the owner contacted me immediately to inform me. I told her I didn't mind waiting for it.
A week later, she emailed me again with an update and recommended refunding me the amount for the Iron Man case as their supplier has no idea when stocks would be in. Could be days, weeks or months. So this time, I agreed to it and within two days, the refund was made and my casings were on the way. Talk about honest efficiency.
A few days later, a package arrived for me and like a small kid, I tore it open!

And here they are! Captain America (RM32), Elegant purple with gold sides (RM22) and the Autumn Trees (RM38) are for my iPhone while the red polka dotted (RM32) is for my mom's Samsung.

Autumn trees

Purple (crack is on the outer cover not the casing)
Zombie Captain America
Cath Kidston-inspired.
The total damage would have come up to RM130 for all four plus delivery charges but thanks to Senri, I got them at a discounted price. And so can you too, by hopping over to her blog to get the special discount code. Just quote the code when making your order to get the discount. It's that simple!
So here's how to again:
Step 1: Go to Journey of the Little Biscuit blog and find the post with the code.
Step 2: Go to Doodle Cases and pick your favourite phone design(s).
Step 3: Email Doodle Cases with your order and the code.
Step 4: Make your payment and wait for your cases to arrive. 
Besides handphone casings, Doodle Cases also have accessories for your phones and iPads. 
Starbucks ear caps.
 Happy Phone-accessory/casing Shopping!!


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