Friday, February 8, 2013

Cakes at The Red BeanBag @ Publika

Photo credit: The Red BeanBag

A friend's friend introduced us to the Red Beanbag in Publika after a two hours hike through Gasing Hill in Petaling Jaya recently. The hike was exhausting but fun and we felt that after burning all those calories, we deserved a reward. In the form of cake.

Photo credit: The Red BeanBag
My friend's friend, Sher Lyn mentioned a friend's cafe in Publika that had the most amazing cakes. And that was how we ended up at this adorable restaurant overlooking the Square, near the Bee's and Plan B.

Photo credit: The Red BeanBag
We got there about lunch time and the place was buzzing with people waiting for a table. Fortunately we had the foresight to grab a bite at the food court downstairs which prevented us from salivating over the other customer's food. I heard people would wait 45 minutes to be seated, indicating the popularity of this place.

Pardon the poor quality pictures of the food as it had been an impromptu trip and I only had my phone with me. I had to steal some of the interior shots from their official facebook page here.

The interior design and ambience of the restaurant immediately reminded me of Australia and my friends from there quickly confirmed this, noting the cardboard menus and bottles of water to help yourself to on each table. The entire place, althought crowded, gave off a warm welcoming feeling that just invites you to come in and chill out for the rest of the day. Preferably with a cuppa and a slice of their yummy cake.

As soon as we were seated, I headed to the cake display to check out their cakes. Sher Lyn recommended the Rum and Raisin Mille Crepe cake (RM14.90) which was too die for! As soon as we dug in, we relapsed into silence to fully appreciate the smoothness of the cake and the mixture of sweetness with clear flavour of rum in it. It was slightly more expensive than the crepe cakes at Food Foundry but totally worth it! All of their crepe cakes are home made by Oneatezero and often sells like hot cakes!
I also ordered the Red Velvet cake (RM12.90) because I have been craving for one ever since trying the Starbuck's version. Sadly the Red Velvet was a disappointment as the cake was dry and crumbly while the layers of cream cheese were too thin and little. Perhaps it was because we had the Rum and Raisin before it which affected our taste buds but the Red Velvet was also lacking in sweetness.  
While we were there, Sher Lyn ordered a cup of coffee. It smelt divine! And that wasn't the only thing that smelt good there. The table across ours had the Mussels & Clams In Aromatic Wine Broth and the My Crustacean Cousin (Tiger Prawns, Scallops & Pipis Served With Freshly Pressed Tagliolini Pasta) that had us drooling despite our full tummies. We could smell the scents wafting through the air and we promised we would come again for a proper meal.
Service was prompt and efficient, I have no complains about that. The restaurant decor is just lovely and in the mood of Chinese New Year. The pricing of the cakes are slightly more expensive than what I am used to but the Rum and Raisin crepe cake is worth every cent and considering the location, I believe the prices are justified. I will certainly come back again, this time with a bigger group of friends, my trusty cameras and an empty tummy to try everything.
Aw, dammit. I've gotten hungry again just from writing this review. Oh and by the way, the Red Beanbag is also pet-friendly, ringing up another plus point in my books!

The Red Beanbag
Add: Lot A4-1-08, Level 1, (overlooking The Square)
Solaris Dutamas, Mont Kiara
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +6 03-6211 5116
Hours: Tue-Fri, 10am-10pm;
Sat & Sun 9:30am-10pm,
closed on Mondays
Photo credit: The Red BeanBag


To all my readers,
Happy Chinese New Year!
Have a safe journey and happy eating!


Sycookies said...

This place is my favourite after the quality of food in the bee sorta went down a little... On sundays the place is almost always packed with lotsa ppl.

Tania said...

agree. the bee's food is inconsistent. Noted then, don't go to the RBB on Sundays. thanks for that tip!