Sunday, March 3, 2013

First Skytrex Experience!

To say I am an adrenaline junkie is an understatement. I would say I am a person whose motto(s) in life is try everything, leave no room for regret or do first, think later or never try, never know or do it now or miss the chance. So basically, my philosophy in life is YOLO! (please don't kill me!)

It just so happens that everything I have done (sky-jumping off the Auckland tower, off-roading, racing, paintballing, jet-skiing, trapezing) or want to do in life (scuba-diving, backpacking, bungy-jumping, Tough Mudder) involves being in the great outdoors and involves adrenaline....Okay, so I am an adrenaline junkie. Which was why when my friend invited me for SkyTrex-ing in Bukit Cerakah forest reserve, Shah Alam, I was all 'YOLO!' (I can hear guns clicking...okay, I'll stop the YOLO-ing!)

At the entrance.
It was sunny Saturday morning when we got to Bukit Cerakah forest reserve, paid the RM3 per person entrance fee and boarded a bus heading to the SkyTrex Adventure. After some internal debate, I opted to carry my DSLR camera with me in order to get better pictures. It seemed I was not alone that day as there were many other who were weighed down with their big DSLRs. It turned out that Tourism Selangor had organised an day out for its fans and followers there too, explaining the large groups of people present. I also bumped into a blogger friend, Cindy after finishing the challenge. She did the Big Thrill so be sure to check out her blog for her take on Skytrex!

Preparation stage.
My group of eight quickly filled up the required 'I-will-not-sue-if-I-get-injured' forms, got lockers for our belongings and got our harnesses on. Gloves are a necessity because you'll be griping onto the ropes for dear life and can be brought RM3 per pair.

Briefing instructor - funny guy.
Before attempting the Extreme Challenge, we were given a safety briefing on what to do with our two carabiners and one pulley when up in the trees. All you need to remember is to make sure you're clipped to red-marked rope with at least one carabiner at all times!

Extreme Challenge
Once we have run through the trial course, we started off the Extreme Challenge with a tall ladder climb leading to the first of many flying-fox. I quickly discovered my wonderful ability to land facing backwards during the flying fox challenge. Dammit.

Camera ready!
As the group before us were so damn slow only three people were allowed to a platform, we had to wait in between obstacles during which I took the opportunity to snap pictures of my friends. And to camwhore.

Flying Fox
My least favourite obstacle was the pipe challenge where we only had the supporting ropes to grip on to. Not only were pipes oval, they would swing with each step, making balancing on them a challenge. I think I took up the most time on that.

Making it look effortless.
Prior to that, there was a monkey bar challenge much like in the playground except a few metres off the ground. Not to worry though as your carabiners and pulley will keep you from plummeting to your death if you let go. To my annoyance, my hands gave out midway through this challenge and I had to let go. I will definitely be back for the monkey bars!

Monkey bars.
But by this part, being so high up in the trees don't be an issue for most and your main concern will be crossing the next obstacle. As for the view, there was only trees and trees and....more trees.

Sis posing for camera.
Overall, it was great fun and after the initial sensation of vertigo, it was merely just powering through the obstacles. We took a number of pictures although not as many as I would like because the DSLR requires two hands to adjust. Most importantly, there was never a moment when I felt unsafe high up in the trees because I was high on adrenaline the course was so well-maintained.

Ayam exit
My group took approximately 2 hours in total to complete the whole Extreme Challenge and that included delays because the group before us were so damn slow I was trying to take pictures of everyone. The ending was sort of anti-climatic as we had to climb down a netting to descend to the ground. We heard the Big Thrill ends with a long flying-fox which sounds like more fun. But knowing my luck, I'll end it facing the wrong way.

Extreme Challenge finishers.
The next time I come, I will try the Big Thrill and hopefully this time, execute a perfect flying-fox and finish the monkey bars!

1. Bringing a big camera is not impossible although you might smash it into a tree during the flying fox so just be careful.
2. Gloves and a good pair of sport shoes goes a long way.
3. Listen to the instructors and do chat with them. Being up there alone must be so boring at times.
4. Look out for the instructions on how to place your carabiners and pulley before tackling the challenges. There are two ways to put them on so check!
5. A bottle of water is recommended as it can get hot and exhausting up there. Bottle holders can be rented at RM5.
6. If you can't complete the challenge, opt for the Chicken Exit. Seriously, don't hold up the people behind you if you can't get your nerves together.
7. Check your carabiners and pulley before setting off to ensure they are usable.
8. Online bookings are recommended at all times. No minimum number of pax required.

Prices for Skytrex challenges are:
Little Adventure (LA) - RM 35.00
Big Thrill (BT) - RM 45.00

Extreme Challenge (XT) - RM 55.00

Saturdays, Sundays and some Public Holidays.
From 8.30am onwards.

For more information or to make bookings, head over to their website, Skytrex Adventure.

For a sense of my experience there, check out my album here.

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SalamMedia said...


I am Edwin from Salam Media. I have passes for SkyTrex this 23rd March, we have 25 passes, first come first serve basis. Do register in this link if you are interested. Also invite your friends too.

Tania said...

Hi, Edwin. Thank you for the invitation but I won't be able to make it as I will be traveling until the end of the month. Hope you have a good event :) SkyTrex was great fun for me!