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Genting YNOT Graffiti Finale Event

Thanks to Resort World Genting and Nuffnang, I was given the opportunity to attend the finale of RWGenting's YNOT Graffiti Art event with about 30 other bloggers and their plus ones. After dropping off our luggage at First World hotel's lobby and collecting our blogger passes, we headed to the theme park.

Blogger pass = free access to theme park
Along the way, we saw the vibrant colourful graffiti art works, some complete and others still in progress with their artists still hard at work. Of course, we could not resist taking pictures of the art works and with them. Some of us even got to try our hand at graffiti spraying!

Colourful works of art

Noob at work.
YNot by RWGenting celebrates what was formerly viewed as illegal or part of the 'underground' scene such as graffiti art, BMX and hip hop dance. All of these elements were openly displayed and performed for everyone throughout the event. Emceeing and entertaining us at the event with their sarcastic and deadpanned humour were Dennis Yin and Chris Ooi of Elecoldxhot dance crew.

Chris Ooi & Dennis Yin
We were treated to the amazing stunts of four BMX bikers who warmed up the crowd with their bike-flipping jumps and reverse/upside-down cycling (Do not try this at home). Several students from IACT college then took to the stage to model their raincoats sprayed in colourful designs. While I felt that more coordination and choreography could have been placed into their show, I applaud their efforts, showmanship and confidence as they strutted across the stage.

Fashion show by IACT.
Jin and the Hitz.fm crew were also there to report live from Genting. They enticed the crowd with goodie bags and got a few sporting participants to take part in....a....very....odd....game. Until now, I have still no idea how it worked other than requiring the players to make waves with their hands.

HitzFM in the house!
Of course, who would come to a theme park without trying out the rides. The long line at Genting's latest ride, the Waves did little to deter us as we waited for our turn to ride the psychotic merry-go-round. Well, it wasn't really that scary but we were all shierking our heads off for the fun of it everytime the covers came up to encase us at high speed. I believe this was suppose to give the illusion of a bumpy boat ride. I was more concerned on not crushing my seating partners, Senri and Heather as I kept sliding to their side due to the momentum. And I ain't that light.

THE Waves.
We adjourned to our rooms to drop off our luggage and to freshen up. The room wasn't too bad compared to the first time I stayed at First World hotel. That room was tiny with barely enough room to move about but this one was more spacious although albeit dim and I could see into the room across from mine. Alas, there were no male Abercrombie models staying there so I pulled the curtains for privacy. It came equipped with coffee and tea, a kettle, hairdryer, thin towels and a fan because who needs an air-con on Genting. Overall, it served its purpose as a place to wash up and sleep for a night.

Cosy room.

Anyway back to round two to fun at the theme park. Genting held the famous Thailand water festival, Songkran at its water park and a lot of people got to experience it for the first time in their lives. Sadly I was not one of them as I was recovering from a horrid cough then and a soak-me plus the chilly Genting climate will not forebode well. My parents have actually experienced it in Chiang Mai and they told me that there coloured water in water guns and balloons were deployed most of the time. In Genting, the participants had to settled with bubbles, foam and loads of water to attack each other.

Wet, soapy and fun!
In conjunction with the Songkran Party, a Thai bazaar was held, selling some of Thailand's popular street cuisines and sourvenirs. With the calls of 'come, come. I give you cheap, cheap' and 'come, come try, very nice', I felt like I was in Bangkok again.

Thai galore.
A quick downpour drove many of us indoors once more and I wandered the indoor theme park which also doubled as a shopping mall. Dance performances were held at Times Square and the young dance crew quickly drew in a huge crowd that paused to watch them groove out several energetic routines.

Energetic group of dancers entertaining the crowd.
Dinner was held at the Coffee Terrace and keeping true to the Thai festival, Thai cuisine was the higlight of the dinner buffet. The Tom Yam soup held a spicy kick that had a lot of people reaching for their water after the first sip. I tried their rainbow cake and while my friend said it tasted like red velvet, I disagreed vehemently. It tasted like butter cake with a lot of colouring which essentially it was.

Thai cuisine, cakes and everything else.
Amidst the cold mist rolling over Genting (mirroring a scene from Silent Hill according to a friend), we headed back to the theme park for an special LED dance performance by Elecoldxhot. Probably inspired by Step Up 3D, the boys don on special suits and proceeded to wow us. You can watch the LED performance here.

And the rest of their equally awesome routine below.

After their performance, my friend and I headed to Snow World! Entrance fees for an adult is only RM30 and that includes rental for a locker, a coat, gloves and boots. There are hourly slots to control the number of people in the room so that it does not overcrowd and affect the temperature. After suiting up, we entered the -6 celsius room that resembled a hilly town and instantly regretted wearing shorts. We didn't have time early to change so we simply lived with our decision. And froze our ass off.

Nevertheless, we ended up having loads of fun for the whole 40 minutes in there, running in and out of the room to warm up, pelting each other with poorly-made snowballs and sliding on a tube ride in there. Cameras and phone are not allowed in there though as I believe the management fear our equipment will freeze over. Either that or that gives them an excuse to make more money as they have photographers in there to take your pictures. You just need to pay for the photos later.

Snow World.
We pretty much crashed after 11pm because we were on our feets the whole day! The event continued on the next morning after breakfast with the Emcees playing the 'spell your name with your butt' game with participants. At the expanse of their butt, the contestants all walked with goodies bags. I liked how Dennis Yin was so gungho throughout this game....

Dennis, what are you doing?
There were more performances again in the evening but by then, my group had boarded our bus and hightailed it back to Kuala Lumpur. Thank you, Nuffnang and RWGenting for sponsoring this much needed getaway and for allowing the underground scene a stage to shine on.

Nuffnang bloggers & their babysitter, Darren (center front)

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