Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Why I NEED a Havaianas

So in conjunction with the Butterfly Project's Spa Party, one of their sponsors, Havaianas is also having their own "Havaianas Experience" blog/vlog Contest. 20 lucky bloggers or vloggers will get a pair of their very own Havaianas flip flop to wear to the event! 

I want to be one of those lucky girls to get a pair of Havaianas (provided I do get invited to the spa party...) quite simply because....

1) Look all those colours! Who wouldn't want to add such an eye-catching pair of flip flops to their footwear!

2) I adore wearing flip flops. At work, I was notorious for wearing flip flops to the office (although I do keep a pair of heels in the car for events or client meetings). I wear them for everything, at home, to the malls, to the beach, to the movies....you get the point. 

And finally the main reason why I want need a pair of Havaianas is...

Seriously, Mamey, I gave you a chew toy and instead, you went after my slippers! Sigh, that's dog logic for you. I am so sad now. RIP flip flops. You have served me well... (darn dog...-_-)

Oh, I do so hope I get a pair of Havaianas, the same way I do so hope I get to go for the Spa Party! Check out my entry for that here!

Wish me luck, fellow flip flop wearers!

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