Wednesday, June 12, 2013

HiShop June Ambassador Box review

Whoa, just like that it is already June and we are already halfway through 2013. Anyway, I received my second beauty ambassador box from Hishop two weeks ago and decided not to comment on it until I have tried out everything inside and now that I have, here are my thoughts.

Hunca She Crazy Coffret  50ml EDT
For those looking for a scent for a day out in the sun, this might be just the EDT you are looking for with its combination of floral and fruity fragrance, stemming from a woody background. It has the top notes of fruits (bergamot, mandarin, lemon, pear and fig), the middle-tone of flowers (peony, lavender, cyclamen, ylang-ylang and jasmine) and the base of sandalwood, amber, cedar and musk. 

I quite like the cheeriness of the scent along with the sturdy sleek bottle it came in. Trust me, I dropped it quite a few times while shooting it and the bottle remained intact and without a scratch. It also makes for a good present as it comes in a variety of sets. Prices vary. You can check it out here.

Twistband Hair Tie
At first, I thought it was a breast cancer awareness token but then I remembered breast cancer month was in October. Turned out it was a hairband or a twistband as it was called. Pretty in pink, its soft elasticity doesn't cut into your hair or your wrist and slips off easily without pulling several strands with it. 

However because my hair is super thick and wavy, the twistband could only go encircle my bushy-tail twice at max without fear of it overstretching or the knot coming undone. Also, it is not suitable for sports or vigorous activities as it will come loose with all the running and movement. Priced at RM16 for three. Also available at Watsons Malaysia.

ITOH Fasting Diet Basic

This is really convenient in times when you have no time to have a proper meal or in my case, was just too plain lazy to cook or drive out to eat. The vanilla flavored one is my favorite due to the taste that reminds me of the white Toblerone chocolate. For dinner, I mixed it with low fat milk as advised by HiShop here and although it was clumpy at the surface, it was yummy and most importantly, filling. The banana-flavoured meal replacement was blending with cold milk and oats for a good crunch and it was delicious.

Because I had two packets to sample, I can't really comment on the effectiveness of it in weight loss. But bare in mind that meal replacement diets are only most effective if you have a balanced meal and an exercise routine at the same time.

And like the previous month, Hishop is kind enough to prepare a special discount to my readers. Just key in these codes into their respective websites when making your purchase to get a discount!

Hishop - HS0613 (20% OFF)
MilkADeal - MAD0613 (8% OFF)
White.My - WHITE0613 (8% OFF)
Valid until 30 June 2013.

And that's not all. Your guys also get a RM20 rebate off your total purchase when you use the secret code HISURPRISE (minimum of RM99 required). This code is valid until 31 July 2013. 

Happy shopping, lovelies!

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