Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Neutrogena Revitalizing Pink Grapefruit Ultra Foam Cleanser review

Everyone knows that cleansing your face at the start and end of your day is a important daily routine to live by. Especially now with our annual haze moving in, keeping your pores open and clean has never been more important. Imagine all the dirt and impurities that have gathered on your face and pores by the end of the day. Apart from removing impurities, having the proper cleansing facial will help keep your skin healthy, clean and refreshed.

Recently Neutrogena released two new brands under its Deep Clean range and one of them is the Revitalizing Pink Grapefruit Ultra Foam Cleanser. With Pink Grapefruit extract, this cleanser is good for removing 99% of dead skin cells, dirt, oil and impurities due to its ultra foam cleanser feature.

Two pumps works well.
The pump dispenses light and fine foam that allows it to penetrate the pores for thorough cleaning without being harming your skin. The cleanser contains exfoliating beads that gently removes dead skin cells. The foam was so fine that it doesn't require that much at all. Just two pumps was sufficient for me. And as you can see, it penetrates the skin quite quickly, allowing my complexion to benefit from its nutrients. It also can be used to remove light makeup due to its soft texture although it isn't a makeup removing cleanser.

Its scent is fruity and doesn't overwhelm which I like. After washing it off, my skin does feel refreshed, moisturized and seems to be able to breath better throughout the day. I like its see-through bottle that tells me how much I have left. So far, there hasn't been any outbreak as the product was dermatologist-tested to be oil-free and alcohol-free.

This new range also comes in Brightening Mulberry and both are available at major pharmacies nationwide in bottle and tube. Priced at RM31.90 and RM21.90 respectively. For more information on Neutrogena and its products, please visit the Neutrogena Malaysia Facebook Page.

Product was sponsored but comments and opinions are the writer's own.

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