Sunday, December 8, 2013

Garfield wishes ESG shoppers Merry X-Mas!

Which iconic tabby is orange, fat, lazy, sarcastic and loves his food and teddy bear, Pooka?

Okay, if you do not know the answer to that, you really need to redefine your childhood. I am talking about Garfield of course, the lovable fat cat. Loved by all adults and kids alike, Garfield is undoubtedly the most famous cat in the world.

This Christmas, thanks to Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang, shoppers get a chance to meet Garfield and his friends live! You get to snap a picture and have fun with these lovable childhood characters: Nermal, Oddie, Arlene and of course, Garfield himself.

The grand launch was held in the center court of the mall, making the beginning of the Christmas and year-end festivities at Empire Shopping Gallery. In true Garfield fashion, cake was used to kick off the event as Garfield and friends joined Dato' Danny J.Y Cheah, Group Executive Director of Mammoth Empire Group of Companies on stage.

Good thing Garfield didn't lunge for the cake or else there will be none for everyone else. I think he was too busy taking pictures and giving out hugs to everyone, the media, the public and even ESG's management.

 According to Elena Lee, ESG's centre manager, Garfield was chosen to celebrate Christmas with because "they are beloved by all ages." Yup, I agree. My mom read Garfield. I read Garfield. My kid cousin watched Garfield the movie 1 and 2....

As anticipated by Elena, "patrons and visitors of ESG will be united in their mutual enjoyment of the fun served up Garfield and friends, leaving no one out in this time of sharing and caring and helping the adults rediscover their inner child."

Except maybe me, because I am always a kid at heart. Just ask all my cat plushies in my room and Hello Kitty toy on my desk. #crazycatlady

The Garfield and friends meet and greet will take place on every Saturdays at 2pm, 4pm and 6pm and every Sundays at 1pm, 3pm and 5pm. Apart from that, kids and shoppers will also enjoy finger puppet workshops, interactive clown shows and many more activities to spread and share the Christmas spirit.

Oh, and Santa Claus will be also be there as well.

Speaking of a big, fat and lazy cat, this is Princess, my live-size representation of Garfield. 

Special promotions! 
On top of that, ESG is rewarding shoppers for their Christmas shopping by giving away a special Garfield mug and unique winter coat cover worth RM50 to those who spent at least RM300 in a single day from a maximum of two accumulated receipts, from any outlet in Empire. This promotional period runs from 15 November 2013 until 1 January 2014 or while stocks last.

HSBC card users only need to spend RM200 to qualify for the special gift. However if they managed to spend RM300 and above in a single receipt using their HSBC card, they are entitled to redeem a mystery gift at the HSBC counter.

MasterCard cardholders are not forgotten too as they are entitled to a 25g or 50g Crabtree and Evelyn Hand Therapy cream with a spending of RM300 or RM500 and above in a single receipt or two accumulated receipts respectively using their MasterCard credit cards.


Shivi@COSMOCHICS said...

wow lovely pics! I love Garfield too!!! :)

Tania said...

Hi, Shivi,
Thank you! Make sure you swing by ESG during the weekends to take a picture with Garfield! :D

Sandra said...

Hey babe! saw your blog on Socialites Malaysia fb group. Your Princess is sooooo adorable!! Hahahaha. I've followed your blog, mind following me too? :)

Tania said...

Hi, Sandra,
Thanks for reading my blog. Have followed your blog already :)