Thursday, December 12, 2013

Twelve Cupcakes, Sunway Pyramid

Twelve Cupcakes has been dubbed 'the best cupcakes' in Singapore and this quint cupcake franchise has found its way to our Malaysians shore, setting up shop in the ever busy Sunway Pyramid.

Why twelve you ask?

Let's see, 12 months in a year, 12 zodiac signs, 12 animal signs...

Fortunately that doesn't mean only 12 flavours because Twelve Cupcakes definitely has a lot to offer with over 40 flavours to choose from. Their cupcakes are baked daily from scratch and topped with smooth flavoured icing.

Their pricing is on the pricier end for cupcakes with the Everyday flavours being sold at RM6 and the Special flavours that changes everyday is sold at RM7. But this is mainly because their cupcakes is made from fresh and top-notch ingredients such as premium French butter and fresh fruits.


Thanks to an invitation from Isabel, myself, Senri and Elie got to taste their best-sellers and everyday flavours such as the Strawberry Vanilla and Rainbow Vanilla cupcakes. The Strawberry Vanilla had a nice combination of fruity sweet and rich vanilla, a good option for those who doesn't have a sweet tooth. However we all agreed that the Rainbow Vanilla was too sweet, possibly due to its frosting.

The trio in the photo above are Nutella, Chocolate Salted Caramel and Mudslide. The Nutella was a disappointment as there isn't enough Nutella filling inside. There can't never be too much of Nutella so to the owners, please fill it up with Nutella. Inside and on top. As for the middle Chocolate Salted Caramel, I expected a more salty kick to its icing but sadly, that was missing too. Either that or the sweetness of the chocolate and first few cupcakes had dulled my taste buds. And last but not least, the Mudslide was a surprisingly quite good as there were three chewy bits of marshmallows atop of the chocolate based cupcake. This one is best served with black coffee to balance out its taste.

In the picture, you have, from front,  the Cookies and Cream, Red Velvet and Chocolate Chocolate. I didn't get to try the Cookies and Cream but according to Elie Lam, it was yummy.  But the Red Velvet was delicious! I brought home two, meaning to share it with the family only for my sister and I to gobble up both before the end of the day. Topped with a nice smooth cream cheese topping, the cupcake is moist and sweet, making it the company's best seller. Finally, we had the Chocolate Chocolate which was just above average for the texture of its cupcake.

For this Merry Christmas, Twelve Cupcakes is offering the Christmas Box (RM36 for a box of six) which consist of 2 Peppermint Chocolate, 2 Red Velvet and 2 Chocolate Salted Caramel. This promotion is on until 29 Dec and comes with a limited edition Twelve Cupcakes Christmas Card for every purchase of six or twelve cupcakes.

The decoration of their cupcakes is very delicate and intricate, setting up a colourful presentation for all kinds of events. Put them all together and you just have no idea which one to start with. It also makes for the ideal present for all occasion. 

To find out more about Twelve Cupcakes, log on to or email info@ To get constant updates and promotions, like their facebook page too and follow them on twitter at 12cupcakesMYS.


Simon Lee said...

I am not a big fan of cup cake but my wife is, i think i should buy her some Christmas box next week:)

Thanks for sharing,


Tania said...

Twelve Cupcakes has the Christmas Box. That would make a good gift :)