Monday, January 27, 2014

Logitech M557 Mouse Review

What do you look for in a mouse? No, seriously. Think about it. The mouse has become such a vital accessory in our daily habit of surfing the net and yet we never realized its significance and appreciate the thoughts that goes into designing one.

Without the mouse, would you even know how to nagivate around your browser or even your computer using only your keyboard?

Keeping the ease of use and comfort in mind, Logitech has recently launched its new Bluetooth mouse, the M557. Removing the need for an USB receiver or wiring, the M557 is compatible with multiple platforms ranging from Bluetooth-enabled PC, Mac or Windows 8 devices.

I think what interests me about this mouse is that the buttons can be customized to use your preferences using Logitech's powerful software. As such, even lefties (like me) can use this mouse although most lefties would have adapted to using the standard mouse by now... The mouse offers a slim and sleek design for a nice fit but those with big hands will find the shape a hindrance.

The scoller wheel is smooth and responsive, letting one scroll through pages and documents with ease. On the plus side, you just need to press the wheel left or right to navigate between webpages or windows. If you wish to return to your desktop, just press the window icon button beneath the scoller wheel. 

Connecting the mouse is easy as you just need to flick the button at the underside of the mouse. Just remember to turn on your own computer's bluetooth first. To refresh or reconnect, there is also a button for that. 

Understandably, users may ask how long will a bluetooth mouse last. According to Logitech, the M557 can be used up to 12 months between battery changes. That is a long time and a real cost saver for batteries. To replace batteries (AA batteries by the way) the bottom part of the mouse can be easily detached with just a push of a button.

All in all, I think this mouse is ideal for the on-the-move user, someone who takes their laptop everywhere with them. Its USB-less state saves you a port. Lefties now have the option of a bluetooth south-paw friendly mouse to use and one that doesn't require charging every day or so. On the side note however, this mouse is no way suitable for gamers and excessive clicking and button-smashing. 

The Logitech M557 mouse is priced at RM119 at retailers nationwide.

* Product was on loan for review but opinions and comments are the writer's own.

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