Friday, February 14, 2014

William's Corner, Taman Mayang

The famous Williams Corner in Taman Mayang and their gigantic portions of fusion mamak italian food has been circulating the world wide web for some time now and I have always been curious to try their dishes and their just-as-huge drinks.

So one fine day my girlfriends and I popped over to Williams to catch up over dinner. As warned by multiple blogs, there was no clear signatures or signboard of the place. Your only hint would be the tables and chairs set outside an open lot-turned-into-a-kitchen.

As soon as we sat down, a waiter came up to ask if we had ordered. We told him no and took turns checking out the menu on the wall inside the lot-turned-kitchen. They don't offer the typical book menu but here's a glimpse of they offer.

Once we were all seated again, the waiter came over and quickly took our orders. In less than 15 minutes, the food came and even though we had done our research, we were shocked by the huge plates and drinks that were placed in front of us.

For drinks, two of us ordered the Ribena Longan  and the Soda Herb, both at RM8 each. Why the Ribena was so dark, we didn't know but we speculated that they emptied a whole can of longan into it along with the sugar water that sunk to the bottom. My friends enjoyed fishing out the lychee though.

The other drink was the Soda Herb and was a much nicer and refreshing alternative to the Ribena Longan. The drink too had a lot of longan in it but the mix of mint leaves and lemongrass stalk in a large class of ice cold soda water gave the drink a nice a sweet-sour twist.

The main courses came all at once and it took us a while to pick our jaws off the pavement before we dug in.

The Nasi Goreng with Pandan Chicken (RM15) came highly recommended by the waiter and we agreed with him upon digging in. The rice was fried well with enough spiciness to make you want more while the Pandan Chicken was succulent, well marinated and grilled to perfection.

Next up was the Buttered Indomee with prawns which was also recommended by the waiter and again, we agree with his suggestion upon trying it. It was delicious as the sauce it was drenched in wasn't just buttery but spicy as well to balance it out and it made the perfect union of flavours for this simple dish. Thumbs up. We insisted on small for this dish, having anticipated how full we were going to be but after tasting it, we wished we had ordered the original size and forgo'ed the next dish which was the bacon carbonara.

 Although huge in portion, the taste was disappointing as the sauce was too diluted and lacking in the usual creamy flavor. I've tasted better and cheaper carbonara at Midvalley's Food Court. They were generous with the beef bacon though but it would have tasted nicer if they had pre-fried the bacon and cooked it with the carbonara to allow the smoky flavour to seep into the sauce. Of course, a dash of garlic wouldn't hurt too.

All the food dishes we ordered cost RM15 even the Buttered Indomee with prawns. Our bill came up to be about RM75 for the four of us and per person, it was about RM20. Price-wise, Williams is expensive by mamak standards but in terms of the food-quality and portions, it was cheap and well-worth it.

As we found out, Williams was the kind of mamak where you can dress sloppily and enjoy fusion Italian-mamak food with a group of friends. Sharing of course is recommended as the portions are enormous and by sharing, you get to try more stuffs. They open from 6pm to 3am daily and there are plenty of parking for early birds.

I'll definitely be back to try their seafood risotto.

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