Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Indonesia: Bali - Sri Ratih Cottages, Ubud review

This review is way overdue, mainly because I forgot. Sorry!

On my Bali trip in January, I stayed at Sri Ratih Cottages while in Ubud for two nights. My flight got in very late and by the time I arrived at the accommodation, it was well past midnight. Fortunately, the open-air lobby was opened around the clock and the receptionist quickly sorted out my luggages and had a bellboy deliver them to my room where a friend had already checked in.

My first impression of the room was utter amazement at its space for it was huge. We could even fit in an additional bed beside the huge king size bed for our friend. If we wanted (and if the hotel permitted) we could have fitted two more beds at the foot of the bed. Like the room, the balcony was huge and had a day bed, perfect for a quiet afternoon reading and drinking their complimentary coffee and tea.

The bathroom literally took my breath away. It was big enough to fit a spacious sink area, a bathtub, a shower, a toilet, a place to hang our clothes and also a vanity desk. It was the bathroom of super stars and I knew I wanted my future toilet to resemble this design.

I could only fully appreciate the all-natural beauty of Sri Ratih Cottages in the morning as I found myself in a garden paradise with a swimming pool in the middle. The pathway to the cafe for breakfast and dinner was a delight to walk through as there are birds in the trees and sometimes monkeys chattering. 

The cafe boasts two and a half floors with the lowest right next to a pond filled with koi. The second half opened up to the parking area and the top floor offered outdoor and indoor sittings with jewelery displays and a bookcase for those looking for a read. 

Breakfast was complimentary as the additional bed also included breakfast and a completed set menu was provided. A glance at it made our tummies grumble and the choices promise a hearty meal. Western or local, they have it.  And they are generous with the quantity as well. A regular breakfast with them included a breakfast meal, a sweet starter, fruits, juice and coffee or tea. I am pleased to say that their meals are constant in term of yummy-yummy flavour so a huge thumbs up from me.

Sri Ratih Cottages is about a 10 minutes walking distance from Ubud town center although the walk is a challenge as there isn't a proper pedestrian walkway. A steep slope stands between the resort and the town which guests have to walk along. Single-file walking is advised as you'll get tuk-tuks, cars and most of all, motorbikes traveling back and forth along this road.

In total, I only paid 664,000 Indonesian rupiah/RM190 for two nights and inclusive of the spare bed. A great steal for hotels, considering its hospitality and standards. I supposed Sri Ratih Cottages played a huge factor in why I was so in love with Ubud. I'll be back and next time, my trip I'll be spent lounging by the pool with a book in hand.

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Oming said...

Thank you for your review, we're looking forward to welcome you back at Sri Ratih :)