Thursday, June 5, 2014

Jump Street Trampoline Park

Ever since I watched Step Up 3D and saw Adam Sevani and Sharni Vinson as dancers Moose and Natalie somersault into a pit of foam cubes, I have always wanted to try that. And just recently, that dream came true, thanks to the new Jump Street Trampoline Park that had opened up on 31 May 2014.

 And the verdict?

It was bloody jumping fun!!

Located in the heart of Petaling Jaya, Section 13 and right next to well-known landmark of Jaya One's Cold Storage, Jump Street Trampoline Park is every adult and child's playground. Jumpers will have 9,000 square feet of space to play around in and with various sections of different structures. The trampolines cover the padded floors and come in different 'bounciness' to suit your comfort of jumping.

While we sat at the cafe, waiting for our turn in the 8pm slot, a team of cheerleaders were practicing their flips and tumbles and I could only watch woefully and in amazement at the stunts they were executing. The cafe projected a very hipster feel about it, serving up several choices of caffeine in a cup to keep the jumper bouncing on their toes. However if coffee is not for you, they also have tea and fruit smoothies such as the Banana Blast. For those who are looking to grab a bite after a jumping session, they serve several hearty sandwiches options.

When it came our turn, we socked up with our specialised compulsory rubber-grip socks that we purchased at RM4.50 upon entry. Belongings were tucked away in the lockers and we started jumping.

To familiarise ourselves with the foreign movement of being airborne, we started at the Big Bag aread where we took turns doing forward flips into the Big Bag. Our confidence peaking, we moved onto the Basketball Slam Dunk section, trying to reenact Michael Jordan's winning shots.

The Foam Pit was next and by far a favourite amongst jumpers especially the cheerleaders. The cube-shaped foams were so soft and well-padded to absorb our impact upon landing in. Again, flips were the norm here especially with me flipping the bird at my friends who could only laugh as I waddled out of the pit.

As our hour drew to a close, we spent the final 15 minutes at the Free Jumping area where a friendly referee came over and showed us a few basic but neat tricks. A few things we could try on our next visit because judging by my friends' excited and satisfied expression, we'll definitely be back.

It was definitely an enjoyable experience for me, being able to let loose and just jump in a controlled and safe environment with referees and staffs looking out for you and to help you if needed. There was plenty of trampolines and space to move around and overall, the park was clean and tidy. There are of course several house rules for your safety and other jumpers.

Slots are sold by the hour and it starts at the top of the hour. The prices varies on days and packages with a single session costing RM20 on non-peak days and RM25 on peak days. To sign up their multi-pass, you need to sign up online and purchase your pass there.Walk-in is allowed but there is no guarantee you will get your slot. The RM4.50 socks is mandatory to be wore by all jumpers but on the bright side, you can re-wear it again for your next visit. Provided you didn't loose it in the foam pit like I almost did.

Finding the place can be tricky but just look out for Cold Storage Jaya One and head to the Borsch factory next door. You can enter via the main gate and drive straight in. Parking is provided right outside the main entrance to the park although limited. I would recommend carpooling.
Tel. 03 7969 1051


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Tania said...

A safe environment is definitely important if you want your child to be adventurous.

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