Monday, August 25, 2014

My AirAsia Free Seats!

If I had 10 AirAsia Free Seats, I would go to Bangkok and I'd bring along my bootcamp teammates and here's why!

Why my crazy bootcamp teammates? 
Because there's no other group with whom I would travel with other than this crazy group of people. Whether it's for a holiday or to surrender our lives take part into whatever crazy obstacle race in whatever far away country that it is being held in, they have become my favourite people to do globe-hopping with (admittedly we have only globe-hopped to Australia and Singapore so far...)

Taking advantage of Airasia's reasonable flight tickets, we have flown to Perth, Australia for Tough Mudder 2013 and to Singapore for the Commando Challenge 2013 and Urbanathlon 2014.

In fact, for our flight to Perth last year, one of my friends did his birthday burpees (as per bootcamp tradition) on board the Airasia plane (before take off) and the stewardess was kind (and amused) enough to let us do so. 

While we were on in those places, we had fun, we looked out for each other, we stole each other's food and chocolates and we enjoyed each other's company. Those trips had been the best and most fun trips I have ever gone on. All thanks to these people I call my extended family and my sister and mom too (who are too a part of these crazy nutters).

In fact, come 4 September 2014, I'll be boarding a Airasia X flight and will be jetting off to Gold Coast to participate in the Spartan Beast obstacle race over the weekend. 21km and 35 obstacles to look forward to...yay....

And why Bangkok as my destination of choice to treat my friends too? 
Because I believe no other country can put up with the craziness my friends brings. And also because, some of them has never been to this charming city of Thailand. I want (hope) for this opportunity to take them around the city I used to visit once every two months years ago when my father was still working there.

Thanks to Airasia and Airasia Thai, I could afford to fly there frequently to visit my father who was based there for two years. And if you thought my visits were frequent, my mother used to fly there once every two or three weeks to see him. And it is with these numerous trips that I got to understand and love the culture of the Thai people. The people, the culture, the concrete jungle of Bangkok, its lifestyle, the night life... I was in love with it all.

Thanks to the My AirAsia Free Seats contest being run amongst the #AABC members, I might stand a chance to bring my friends, my crazy nutty friends to crazy, nutty Bangkok.

Crazy meet crazy? Why not?

And you dear readers are tempted to bring your own nutty friends to Bangkok, then book your flights now with the Airasia's 'Free Seats' sale. The sale runs from today (25 August) until Sunday (31 August) and covers all Airasia and Airasia X destinations. While the zero fare applies to AirAsia flights, a minimum RM229 air fare is being offered on AirAsia X Prices excludes airport tax, fuel surcharge and other applicable fees. 

 To book your seats, head on over to and happy travels! 


J-Mei said...

Wish you can get the free seats. You are so lucky that can join for this contest and be part of #AABC members.

Tania said...

Thank you, J-Mei! I hope so too. If you are interested to join the community, just email :)