Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Japan Kit Kat Flavours - That Yummy Weird Treat

Most of us enjoy a good bar of Kit Kat now and then. And even if it's not your utmost favourite chocolate wafer biscuit in the world, I am sure you would have at least heard of it or even snacked on it on one of those hungry days. But there is no other country out there than loves Kit Kat more than Japan.

The Japanese, the wonderful bunch of people that they are, has taken their love for Kit Kats to a whole new level simply because Kit Kat sounds close to Kitto Katsu, a term in Japanese that translates to 'surely win'. For a country where gift-giving was a customary ritual, presenting someone with the gift that wishes good luck is just ideal. Kit Kat is in fact the No. 1 brand confectionery brand in Japan.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Fashion Overhaul at the Rakuten Super Sale!

My family and friends know that I am a sucker for a good sale and bargain. I like finding clothes that suit my style and comfort without breaking the bank. And ever since hearing about Rakuten, Japan's largest online shopping mall, I have been ordered clothes from them once every two months at least!

Because their shops and brands have just so many things to pick from! Personally, my favourite Rakuten outlet to surf on was Luvclo. Got quite a number of my tops from there and at decent prices too. Like this one here:

Monday, September 22, 2014

Japan 2014 - Kobe, Kyoto, Nara & Osaka Itinerary (10-days)

So I've gotten a lot of email requests asking for my Japan itinerary as a guide to help them plan out their trip. So here it is!

Mind you, my itinerary was rather pack as we wanted to make the most out of our trip. There was a lot of walking and public transportation involved as those were the best, cheapest and most efficient way of moving between three main cities of Kansai (well, four if you count Nara).

To get around, everyone in my group had two 3-day Kansai Thru Pass and an Osaka Unlimited Pass which is available for purchase at the Travel Desk at the information counter of the Kansai International Airport  are only activated once they are swiped at a subway entrance gate. For a more in-depth post on their prices and benefits -----> here

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Star Wars Miniland Lands in Legoland Malaysia, Johor Bahru

Dum Dum Dum, Dum-te-Dum, Dum-te-Dum..

Suit up in your Storm Trooper outfits, Star Wars fans because Star Wars Miniland has finally opened up on Legoland Malaysia down south. The launch was officiated by Mark Germyn, General Manager, LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort and Dato’ Dr. Ong Hong Peng, Secretary General, Ministry of Tourism Malaysia and was attended by Malaysian media and bloggers as well as our Singaporean counterparts.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Japan 2014 - Day 10: Osaka - Bye Japan :(

Leaving Japan after a magical 9-day holiday in the beautiful and culturally rich country, I was depressed and the dark morning clouds on my last day of the trip made it feel as though that the country was depressed that I was leaving.

Due to Malaysian Airlines not allowing us to do mobile check-in, we had to get to the airport by 8am to check-in. With a heavy heart, we bid farewell to our Osaka host, Saito whom we bumped into on the way to the train station. Staying Nul-Live Guesthouse a.k.a Namba Guesthouse was wonderful and I will miss Saito, Hyun and of course, Hanamizu. Anyone looking for accommodation in Osaka, do consider Namba Guesthouse and can check out my review of the guesthouse here.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Terminus Invisible Urban Roller Bag review

I remember at the end of my recent Japan trip, I bought so many things that my check-in luggage could not fit everything. This left me with little choice but to buy another smaller roller luggage bag that had cat designs all over it (main reason why I wanted it). However as I was lunging my luggage (two rollers bags, one big sling bag and a handbag) through the train station, onto the train and into the airport, I found myself wishing that my little cat roller bag had straps to double as a backpack because pulling along two roller bags of different sizes and weights was no easy feat.

The next time I traveled, I told myself that I could get myself a roller backpack but that never materalized as I never found one that I fancied. Much like finding the right guy. #foreveralone #crazycatladyWIP

Then it so happened that a few days before I was set to jet off to Aussie, I learnt about Terminus and a visit to their outlet in 1Utama for their launch introduced me to their Invisible Urban Roller bag. A.k.a....the One.

The moment I saw it, I knew instantly it was the travel bag I needed. 

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Japan 2014 - Day 9: Osaka - Ramen Museum, Kyoto Hanami & Kiyomizudera Night Illumination

Our last day in Osaka and it was pouring. However, that didn't hinder our plans to head out of Osaka to visit the Momofuku Ramen Musuem in Ikeda and back again to Kyoto for the Kiyomizudera Night Illumination that only happens for a short period four times a year. Unfortunately my friend wasn't feeling well and opted to stay in Osaka and relax there and Cousin and Sister became my travel companions for the day.

Using the Kansai Thru Pass (as it can be used on non-consecutive days), we took the subway from Namba to Umeda and hopped on over to the Hankyu train, taking the Takarazuka line. Ikeda was about 10 stops away and took approximately 40 minutes. As I have visited the museum on my previous trip, I knew exactly where to go.