Thursday, September 25, 2014

Fashion Overhaul at the Rakuten Super Sale!

My family and friends know that I am a sucker for a good sale and bargain. I like finding clothes that suit my style and comfort without breaking the bank. And ever since hearing about Rakuten, Japan's largest online shopping mall, I have been ordered clothes from them once every two months at least!

Because their shops and brands have just so many things to pick from! Personally, my favourite Rakuten outlet to surf on was Luvclo. Got quite a number of my tops from there and at decent prices too. Like this one here:

And this one here:

Okay, fine. My colleague and I may have a tendency to wear the same outfits on casual work days. However as we enter the second half of the year, it's Autumn/Winter season and it's time for a new wardrobe overhaul! Which means more shopping for me!

And as it were, the Rakuten Super Sale is back from 25 Sept to 1 Oct with more discounts and promotion than ever! Yay! While surfing the site, this top from Luvclo caught my eye. I think my friend Isabel had her eye on the same one too. Hahahah...

Firstly, CATS!

Secondly, I quite like the neutral earthy tones that lets the kitty designs stand out without seeming too tacky or screaming 'crazy cat lady in the making!' For work, I would pair it with  a pair of black leggings and boots since my position lets me get away with the Sporty Chic style as long as I throw on a blazer for meetings with clients. For home wear and on weekends, short pants would be my choice of bottoms to go with this top.

And thirdly and the best's only RM18.90. That's about 50% off from its original price and quite a steal compared to what you get in shopping malls. 

Besides super wick discounts, Luvclo also offers bundle promotions such as buy 5 pieces for RM50 for a certain top of many designs. To get your money's worth, I would suggest sharing with your friends but even if you decide not to share it out, there will be free shipping during the Super Sale for its shoppers making it a worth-while buy anyway. 

Besides clothes and fashion pieces, Rakuten also offers foods and goods, beauty and health as well as gadgets to choose from. On top of the already existing discounts, there will also be other offers and promotions running alongside the Rakuten Super. Such as their Time Sale periods and under RM99 promotions.

Shoppers will once again be treated to additional money-saving promotions such as the Time Sale event, Everything under RM99 promotions and Bundle + Free Shipping deals. In the Time Sale, Rakuten will be surprising shoppers with special discounts on selected items at specific times only. To see the Time Sale schedule, interested shoppers just need to visit the Rakuten website, or connect with Rakuten on Facebook or LINE.

To get constant updates, remember to like their Facebook here: and check out their site here

Happy Shopping, fellow Malaysians!

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