Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Terminus Invisible Urban Roller Bag review

I remember at the end of my recent Japan trip, I bought so many things that my check-in luggage could not fit everything. This left me with little choice but to buy another smaller roller luggage bag that had cat designs all over it (main reason why I wanted it). However as I was lunging my luggage (two rollers bags, one big sling bag and a handbag) through the train station, onto the train and into the airport, I found myself wishing that my little cat roller bag had straps to double as a backpack because pulling along two roller bags of different sizes and weights was no easy feat.

The next time I traveled, I told myself that I could get myself a roller backpack but that never materalized as I never found one that I fancied. Much like finding the right guy. #foreveralone #crazycatladyWIP

Then it so happened that a few days before I was set to jet off to Aussie, I learnt about Terminus and a visit to their outlet in 1Utama for their launch introduced me to their Invisible Urban Roller bag. A.k.a....the One.

The moment I saw it, I knew instantly it was the travel bag I needed. 

At RM499, I admit it was rather pricey at first but upon closer examination showed quality material and stitches that ensures that the bag won't fall apart after use. Made of a mix of Nylon and PU Leather, the bag weighs more or less 3kg with a size of 14"(W) x 19"(H) x 8.5"(D). Its design was sleek in black with touches of red to give it a smart look. In short, ideal as a carry-on luggage.

For my 8-hour overnight flight to Gold Coast, I had planned out everything I needed in attempt of a good night sleep. I got a decent nap flying there but not so much on the way back but more on that in another post.

The main compartment of the bag came with straps to secure my hoodie to the side of the bag, thus making it more organizing and allowing more space rather than stuffing it at the bottom of the bag. My neck pillow followed next, cushioning my camera lens. There was even still space for the AirAsia comfort kit. Smaller internal pockets allowed me to put my scarf, socks and travel purse holding all my Aussie cash (to avoid pickpockets). The netted pocket let me store my flight snack, Famous Amos cookies!

Moving to the other compartment, it had several separate compartments and pockets as well with Velcro straps to secure one's tablet or in my case, my flight toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, contact lens solution and casing). I also slotted in my glasses casing and finally, all my travel documents in an easy-to-reach compartment.

When at the airport, with my main check-in luggage, all I had to do was sling it across my back, tug back on the loopholes attached to the straps to tighten the handles as the closer the bag was to the body, the easier it was to carry.To loose the straps, all I had to do was lift the flaps near the loopholes.

Having it in its backpack form was convenient as it left my hands free and made rolling my big luggage to the check-in counter easy. But once I had checked in and rid myself of the luggage bag, a press of a button and a tug later, the telescopic handle appeared and with it, wheels popped out from under the front of the bag. It was pretty cool as it was designed in such a way that the dangling straps would not sweep the floor and get caught in the wheels.

Having the new Invisible Urban Roller bag made the 2km walk to the departure gate easy as I meant I wasn't carrying a 3kg bag on my back before flight and even when I was about to board the access airstairs to the plane and maneuver my way through the narrow aisle on-board, I simply turned it back into a backpack.

The bag was better suited for the overhead cabin compartment rather than storage under the seat in front of me as it was too bulky for the seat space. When using and retracting the roller feature, be sure to lift the bag off the ground before pulling out or pushing down the handle to avoid spoiling the wheels in the long run.

The Invisible Urban Roller bag is available at Terminus outlet, 1Utama at RM499 or can be ordered online at Bagmanonline Shop. Part of Terminus' proceeds will be donated to Malaysian Nature Society (MNS).  

For more information, lick on over to: 

Or swing by their shop at 1 Utama shopping mall. 
Address : Lot S213A, 2nd Floor New Wing, One Utama, just right in front of Sushi Q and right below Celebrity Fitness Gym. 

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