Monday, December 15, 2014

Nanny's Pavilion, KLIA 2

KLIA 2 has become a food mall of sorts with so many things to do and eat in comparison to its predecessor, LCCT. I no longer dread going to the airport early for check-in, instead now I planned to be there early simply to allow me time to explore the newly built shopping mall airport.

And explored I did before I flew off to Bangkok earlier this month until I found myself standing in front of a quint spacious eatery that screams traveler and hipsters in every sense. Nanny's Pavilion looked nothing like a nanny's child daycare nor does it look like a pavilion. Instead it looked very much like a traveler's lounge. Literally. 


The suitcase-inspired chairs and sofa practically invites hungry travelers to just sit back in relax in the lower levels of KLIA 2. I took them up on the invitation and strolled in. Orders were placed at the counter and we could opt to sit at the normal chairs and tables under the shelves and cupboards decorated with traveler's treasures or at the sofa area. 

I opted for the sofa area because the table and sofa had looked so damn cool and comfortable. Its secluded location on Mezzanine floor of the Gateway mall area allows customers some peace and quiet before braving the woes of boarding a plane.

My cup of coffee arrived first, a simple latte without sugar that was smooth and warm to sip on. Nothing special, nothing wrong. 

The caesar salad was next and this while generous with chicken bits, leaves and even an egg, it was also overly generous with their dressing and mayonnaise. It made the leaves soggy and so overwhelming that even my salad loving sister, Carmen couldn't stomach it. It would have been a decent salad because the egg was lovely, the chicken delicious and the leaves fresh but the dressing was just a no-no. 

And finally its star dish, their pancake. As simple as it is, this was perhaps the yummiest fluffiest pancake I ever had. With smooth butter atop it and drizzled maple syrup, it simply melted in my mouth at first bite. 

Beside soggy salad and super yummy pancakes, Nanny's Pavilion also offers waffles which I heard were must-tries. I wonder why I didn't order that now... Oh well, all the more reason to go back there for another round. 

Nanny's Pavilion
Address: L2M-23, Mezzanine Floor, Gateway@KLIA 2
Tel: 03-4065 0168
Hours: 6am to 1130pm

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