Saturday, January 17, 2015

Bangkok 2014 - SabX2 Braised Pork Rice, Pratunam

There was one place my sister was particularly insistent on eating at and that was Sabx2 Wanton noodles and Braised Pork Rice in Pratunam. Except she didn't know its name. She kept calling it that pork rice place with the awesome pork rice. Luckily she knew the way there. 

When we got there, a queue greeted us. Mind you, the place opens at 9am, we were there at 920am and the place was already jammed packed. Fortunately we only had to wait 5 minutes before the shop auntie attended to us. 

This was the type of place where if there were any empty seats, the auntie will ask you how many people and if your pax matched the empty seats, you get to go in. So usually smaller groups have a better chance of getting in first. Table sharing is a common practice so be ready to share your elbow and knee space with complete strangers as we did with my group sitting across three...older Chinese men.

All around the shop interior, signage were posted informing customers that this was shop was the one and only SabX2 and there was no other outlets or branches. I suppose there has been instances of shops opening up in the area claiming to be an extension. 

So as we quickly discovered, getting a seat was the easy part. Ordering was the hardest as we had a hard time getting the attention of the staffs that were just rushing back and forth delivering food. Ordering took 10 minutes. Waiting for our food took 20 minutes. We didn't even bother ordering drinks knowing how hard it would be to recapture their attention. 

After a torturous 20 minutes (watching the dishes travel past us multiple times), our order of two pork rice finally came and without much thought, we dug in. It was easy to see why this place was so popular amongst tourists with its pork tender and soaked to the fat in sauce, the same sauce that was poured all over the fluffy rice. Sides of pickled vegetable and a hard boiled egg completed this dish. It was about 70 baht per plate, a bit on the pricy end but as we were starving and it didn't disappoint, we didn't mind paying.

When we left, we were amazed to be greeting with this queue of people;

Sabx2 Wanton noodles and Braised Pork Rice is within walking distance of the famous Platinum fashion mall and opens at 9am to 3pm although it has been known to sell out by 2pm.

To get there from Platinum fashion mall, one would need to cross Phetchaburi road via an overhead bridge and turn into Soi 19 before Mcdonalds. Just find the queue and you know you are at the right place. I heard the wonton noodles are pretty good too.

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