Sunday, February 15, 2015

Blog Announcement: Technical Difficulties

So in case you aren't on my Facebook, something has happened to me that will unfortunately affect my blog this month. Anyway, here's the post for your reference.

No no, no relationship problem. Just some technical difficulty with my good old...'trusty' laptop. You see...several keys on the keyboard has decided to retire and of all those keys, one of them happens to be a very crucial key member (hahaha, Geddit Geddit?) 

I am talking about the freaking space bar key...the long button in the keyboard bad decided to fail me alongside b,n and ?, and left keys. It is infuriating! 

How can I type without space or ask a question without a question mark? Dammit, Dell! Why you do this to me?! 

So yeh, while I am trying to get my laptop fix (or replaced), I won't be able to blog so frequently (not that I have been this month, sorry about that) but I'll try to blog from my phone although photos won't be as many or as nice (or trademarked so don't steal!). 

So do bear with me until my keyboard/laptop issue has been resolved.

Alternatively, do follow me on Instagram for more updates! 

Ps: I just realise I can't type out Happy Chinese New Year on my laptop! It would turn out like this: HappyChieseewYear! 


Signing off from my iPhone. 

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