Wednesday, April 22, 2015

TGV's Superhero Bash at Jaya Shopping Centre PJ

Avengers: Age of Ultron is opening soon on 23 April and I can't wait! Call me a cray cray Marvel fan but I don't really care. I have my tickets booked two months in advance for its screening at TGV's Cinemas.

In conjunction with the opening of Avengers, TGV Cinemas is organising a bash dedicated to celebrate all things relating to our favourite superheroes (and supervillains too!) The event is open to the public with all sorts of activities lined up for the whole family. Think along the lines of...

Are you excited yet? Then mark out the date, time and venue below

 Quickly purchase your Avengers tickets and RSVP at the link here too to book your spot.

For those without transportation, TGV Cinemas is also providing a FREE bus service just for fans who are in costume to attend this exciting Superheroes and Supervillains gathering! So  RSVP your attendance ASAP.

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