Friday, July 17, 2015

Jojo Super Kitchen SS2 review

When it comes to pan mee, Jojo Super Kitchen takes the cake as one of the best pan mee specialist in the Klang Valley. With multiple outlets in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya, fans of pan mee are spoiled for choice but the one outlet that most PJ locals flock to would be the Jojo Super Kitchen in the SS2 area.

It’s no surprise that their chilli pan mee is their best sellers with almost every table of patrons having one. With the option of thin, thick or even hand-shredded noodles, it mixes well with the beautifully poached egg, mince pork and crunchy anchovies. Usually pan mee is accompanied with a helping of dried red chili. But Jojo takes it a step further and offers two types of chilies in a bowl of their delicious chili pan mee; dried red chili and mashed green chili.

For those looking for even more kick, each table comes with a tray of three chili types so have at it!
Jojo’s dried red chili is so delicious amongst patrons that you can even purchase it in packets, cups and even bottles of it.

Always ready to go hand in hand with my order of chili pan mee is Jojo’s century egg dumpling soup. In one bowl, there are three pieces of big meaty dumplings with century egg yolks inside.  The egg coating is thin and despite that, holds the meat and yolk quite well. As an added bonus, the soup also comes with money chai leaves, a sweet and crunchy contrast that matches the chili pan mee and dumpling perfectly.

To wash down the spiciness and richness of the chili pan mee and century egg dumplings, I ordered the cooling herbal watercress drink. Served in a huge mug, this is a well worth the money and can be shared amongst two people.

Jojo pan mee also offers curry pan mee as well as herbal soup pan mee, combinations that are well worth a try. Their roasted pork slices also makes for a good side dish to try. As Jojo pan mee draws in quite a crowd during peak hours, sharing a table in close proximity to others is a common practice here

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