Monday, July 20, 2015

Kam Heong Restaurant

Your typical coffee shop by day, a popular braised duck rice restaurant by night, Restaurant Kam Heong is the neighbourhood superhero when it comes to the emergency of the starving kind. It draws two different crowds thoughout the day with the working and studying crowd flocking there for good wantan dumplings and noodles and families and working crowds going there at night for their signature braised duck.

A glance at every table in the restaurants finds the common denominator to be a plate of perfectly cut braised duck, simply glistering with sauce and oil and showered with a dash of spring onions. Biting into it, one can simply enjoy the moist juicy meat that has soaked up the brown sauce so wonderfully. The skin is browned to perfections and has none of the odd ducky taste. It wraps around the meat nicely and doesn’t leave you feeling overwhelmed.

Though not quite as popular as their braised duck, restaurant Kam Heong serves up a delicious plate of salted veggie saturated in the secret but not-so secret ingredient; lard. The veggie does well to compliment the braised duck, providing an unexpected contrast to the rich and oily duck. If you are fortunate, you’ll get a few chunks of roasted pork bits in your veggie.

While a seemingly simple dish of  just chicken eggs, somehow Kam Heong has found a way to make it work with a splash of the same sauce used to enhance the creaminess taste of the yolks. It goes hand-in-hand perfectly with the duck stew overall.

Patrons have an option of flavoured rice or porridge. The rice is served flavoured and fluffy to better soak up the sauce without having to compete with the duck.

All in all, with the MBPJ tower right in front of it and its vicinity of a surrounding crowd from different offices, it’s no surprise that Kam Heong had been around for a long time with over 70 years under its belt to claim the title of perhaps the Best Duck rice In Petaling Jaya.

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