Thursday, July 23, 2015

Langkah Syabas Resort, Kota Kinabalu Sabah

I was supposed to climb Mount Kinabalu last June but after the earthquake that shook Ranau and destroyed the mountain trails, that was obviously a no go this time. For the mountain that is. I was still determined to fly out to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah and enjoy a well deserved relaxing holiday by the beach. So just two weeks before my trip, my friend recommended Langkah Syabas Resort, an isolated beach resorted located just 30 minutes south of Kota Kinabalu.

A quick Google search of the resort won me over and this post will show you ten reasons why.

1. Beach side location

I wanted something close to the sea where I could bask in the sun on the beach or by the pool with the sound of the waves crashing in the background. At Langkah Syabas Resort, I got exactly just that. The beach wasn't exactly the cleanest as rubbish kept getting washed up to its shores but the sunset views were stunning.

2. Swimming pool right outside the chalet

I enjoyed swimming about in one of the two swimming pools that was the epicenter of the chalets. It was a bit dirty with leaves and twigs falling into it from the hanging trees but I've seen worst and it can't be helped that Mother Nature shreds so often.

3. Spacious private chalets

I absolutely love their chalets. For my entire three days two nights stay at the resort, I hid indoors, locked away from the outside world with just a television, my laptop (and no wifi) and my sister and friend. Just lazy around and emerging only for food and to explore the resort. It was absolute bliss. My deluxe room came with a queen sized bed and a single bed, sufficient for the three of us to share.

(Although by the afternoon of day 2, I started to get bored due to lack of activity option onsite. I only later found out that I could have gone kayaking. Dammit.)

4, Delicious resort food 

As we were more or less isolated to the resort grounds (as we were too cheapo to call a cab to go into town), we dined all three meals at their Balcony restaurant which served pretty delicious and reasonable meals for a resort. Western food was their specialty along with their homemade brie and camembert cheese. That's right, this little beach resort made their own cheese onsite and fresh from the source which brings me to....

5. Sheeps!

When I was there, one old sheep roamed the resort grounds and slept wherever it wanted. It was also used to the attention of guests and loved being patted much like a dog. Speaking of dog, an old Labrador also roams the resort but is hardly seen compared to the sheep. Nevertheless....this beach side resort has a sheep.

6. Friendly staff

Perhaps speaking Malay helped but I enjoyed the hospitality I received from the staffs at the resort. Everyone was polite, patient and immensely helpful. I got smiles and good morning nods everywhere I went at the resort (which was mostly between my chalet and restaurant and beach)

We had arrived early to check in and the receptionist quickly checked us in and informed us that at 11am, our room was already ready. Usually check in time was 2pm for them. Their courtesy even extended to their shuttle service as they also provide a van into town for RM50 which they will help you contact. While my booking was for two (and hence, only breakfast was for two), the receptionist also included our plus one in the breakfast and gave us complimentary breakfast for all three of us.

7. A resort's rustic and homey design

The owner of the resort was an Australian man, Peter who often sat at the bar every night watch the game. Upon check in, the resort felt like home. The Balcony restaurant was spacious and also doubled/tripled as a bar, library and lounge area. In the library corner, you will see pictures of Peter, his family and his beloved sheep. The high ceilings and the wood paneling of the floors and ceilings kept the resort very cooling and warm in ambiance.

8. Close proximity to Dinawan Island

Okay, I can't say much for this seeing as I never left the resort to do anything except, eat, sleep, watch TV, swim, repeat but just know that the resort is very close to a less touristy island with lovely beaches and scenery. The resort also offers tours to the island via its in-house tour group, Fat Cat Tours.

9. Alcoholic coffee and desserts

Now how often do you come across a resort in Malaysia that dedicates one menu to alcoholic coffee and desserts. I just couldn't resist and ordered a Don Pedro (coffee with Kahlua, ice-cream and milk) and a Bundaberg Bananas dessert on our last night at the resort. Don Pedro was the perfect nightcap drink while the Bundaberg Bananas (bananas cooked with Australian rum, honey and butter) made us lick the plate clean despite the heavy meal of cajun prawns earlier.

10. Cats!

Well, the resort has sheeps and dogs. Of course they would have cats as well. I first saw one sitting on my chalet balcony just peering in at us. It bolted when I approached it. Then I saw a second fella, a lovely friend kitty who enjoyed our attention as much as I enjoyed its company. It also made me miss my own furkid at home.


So there ya have it. 10 reasons why I would pick Langkah Syabas and did. Here are a few more pictures to entice.

As for the price, my deluxe chalet was booked via and cost RM560 for two nights. When we split it amongst the three of us, we each paid less than RM200 per person. That wasn't too bad for a private chalet with a pool and beach nearby.

I will definitely be staying there on my next trip and this time, I think I'll try their Sunday Roast lunch buffet which includes their famous Yorkshire Pudding. Langkah Syabas is in Kinarut laut, approximately 30 minutes from Kota Kinabalu. The standard price for a taxi from the airport to the resort was RM50 if purchased from the taxi counter.

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