Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Philips Kerashine: Style and Hair Care

I am by no means a professional emcee. That was why when I found out I was emceeing for a blogger's event, to say I was a nervous wreck was an understatement. But somehow, I survived.

Anyway, the event I was emceeing at and am covering in this post was the launch of the new Philips KeraShine range. I love adding curls to my ever thick hair but I hate the smell of burning hair every time I try styling it because it reminds me that I am killing every strand and lock of my hair just for style. *cries*
It's no secret that constant hair styling is damaging to the hair but the new Philips KeraShine has the solution to that with a range consisting of a hairdryer, a straightener and a heated styling brush. Now this range is not just any hairstyling tool. It comes infused and coated with Keratin and ions that is replenished into the hair to help keep it shiny and healthy. 

To demonstrate the ease of using the KeraShine range, AD Chan from Chezz Technique Salon showed how to use the styling brush and straightener without the end result of the hair becoming bristle and dry. 

To allow the bloggers to try out the products for themselves, Philips also held a hairstyling competition where 4 teams of 3 or 4 girls had to come up with the most creative hairstyle using the new KeraShine range and a few hair accessories. For the next 20 minutes, it was a mad house with bloggers discarding the fake wigs provided in favor of using their teammates' hair to do the styling. 

 Hairstylists and Bryan Teh himself from Chezz Technique Salon were around and about to help out where needed with helpful hair tips and advice on using the products. 

According to a study commissioned by Philips, about 51% and 34% of Malaysian women believes that hair damage is a major factor that prevents them from owning or comfortably using their own hairdryer and styling device respectively. Women also want hair styling devices that are easy to use and safe for their hair. That's where the Philips KeraShine range comes in handy by combining hair styling with hair care. 

At the end of the event, the winning team received vouchers from Chezz Technique Salon. 

While all this was happening, I was in the background playing around with the products myself. I was quite intrigued by the heated styling brush used for curling. It can even double as a comb for my thick locks. I can't wait to try out the new range for myself. 

Stay tune!

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Sherry said...

looks fun :D, congrats Elana team for winning.