Sunday, July 5, 2015

Satellite Chicken Rice Restaurant review

Crowned as the Best Chicken Rice in the Klang Valley by FriedChillies in 2010, Restaurant Satellite has been a Petaling Jaya landmark for decades and its Hainan chicken rice brings in a steady flow of loyal patrons. The corner shop lot keeps the old school coffee shop feel and friendliness with its owner constantly present and chatting up customers.

Customers could order either the roasted or steamed chicken that comes served with oily rice soaked in chicken stock for hours. Restaurant Satellite lives up to its name of being one of the better chicken rice in Petaling Jaya as the chicken is succulent with ample meat to go around.

My favourite is the roasted chicken as the skin comes golden brown with juicy flesh under it but now and then, I would opt for the steamed chicken as it soaks up the black soy sauce up nicely. The rice soaks up the sauce and chicken flavour beautifully as well.

To go alongside the chicken rice, their steam taugeh or bean sprout is recommended as it does well to cleanse the palate of the oily chicken rice and also add some crunch to the meal. Bean sprouts are served fresh to ensure texture and drenched on a place of soy sauce as well.

This little side is not known to many but Restaurant Satellite also offers the yummiest, juiciest and crunchiest pork meatball as well. To order, one just needs to indicate how many meatball they would like as it is charged per meatball and not as a fixed dish. The soup it comes in is not to shout about but makes for a nice means of flooding the chicken rice should the rice be too oily or hard.

Beside chicken rice, Restaurant Satellite also serves up pretty good curry chicken with either mee or meehoon as well. However other than that, the restaurant does not serve BBQ or roasted pork at all which may be a dealbreaker seeing as their neighbour and competition next door, New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice offers just that and more.

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