Thursday, August 13, 2015

Go Thai, SS2 review

SS2 is foodie haven, mainly the center area of it where the food court was but outer side, especially the row of shop facing Jalan SS2/24, tend to be a bit quiet at night for food options. This merely allowed one particular Thai eatery to stand out against the quiet row and that is Go Thai.

As per its name sake, it literally invites you to go for Thai food and it doesn't disappoint with a menu of Thailand's popular street food and dishes. Diners are instantly enticed with the sight of the cooks stirring away at the large pot of pork stew or chopping away at the huge juicy piece of roasted pork leg. Space was rather tight within the shop and the most spacious seats were the ones right at the entrance in front of the open kitchen section upfront. 

The ambiance is deliberately old school, warm and inviting. The staff are attentive and giving a certain sense of authenticity to the experience there, they also converse in Thai. Menu are available on the tables and the walls, making it accessible. The images accompanying the menu helped immensely into tempting customers to wanting to try everything.

I for one was tempted to try the Khao Kha Moo and when it came, it greatly resembled the authentic dish of stewed pork trotters with rice and duck egg. At less than RM10, there was ample meat, an braised hard boiled egg, a generous amount of sauce with delicious crunchy vegetables on the side. It was the closest I could get to the famous braised pork rice in Pratunam Bangkok.

Another dish worth try was their Moo Thad Khathiam. Expect slices of deep fried pork drenched in garlic sauce that is mellowed by the streamed rice and a beautiful fried egg atop. The sauce was rich and perhaps a little too salty but nothing that can be mended with a spoonful of rice.

To wash down the rich porkiness of these dishes, we ordered another Thai favourite, iced cha yen or Thai ice tea and it was divine. A highly recommended drink to order.

Go Thai's menu is limited but it serves up popular Thai dishes ranging from salad to Tom Yum soup to rice dish and of course, desserts. For those looking to satisfy their cravings for something porky and spicy, Go Thai is the way to go.

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