Thursday, August 20, 2015

Little Italy Pasta & Pizza Corner, Kota Kinabaru review

Now if there was one place that kept popping up frequently whenever I googled 'where to eat in Kota Kinabalu' it would be Little Italy restaurant. Located right behind Gaya Center Hotel, Little Italy was easily within walking distance of the pier and quite a popular eatery amongst tourists.

We were there at 1130am and just after we were seated, the place quickly filled up with foreigners. The interior boast a rustic feel with arch windows and doors that mimics its Italian roots.

The menu was huge with pizzas, pasta and several dishes I've never heard of highlighted as must tries. The waitress took our orders using a fancy high-tech PDA device that immediately relayed our orders to the kitchen.

To start, we ordered their Crespelle al Forno. With plating like lasagna and rolled up like cinnabon, the crespella pasta was oven baked that was delicious and light with filling. It comes in two types of filling of your choise; spinach, mushroom and ham or ham and cheese. We opted for the latter.

We also opted for the ravioli with spinach and ricotta cheese soaked in tomato based sauce. On a hindsight, that was a bad choice considering how rich the crespelle was. The portion was fairly big as two people could share it and paired with the crespelle, finishing it was a challenge.

Ever the avid coffee drinker, I couldn't resist their caramel latte which really hit the spot. The layer of caramel at the bottom was just enough once stirred into the drink.

It was a pretty nice slow meal that left us filled to the brim. Unfortunately, we were so stuffed that we couldn't order any dessert. Oh well, next time then. Price-wise, I would say it was slightly more pricey than what I would pay for pasta but rest assured that the meals are worth it. If anything, the variety in its menu gives you a good opportunity to try out everything or similar to Italian cuisines.

Little Italy Pasta & Pizza Corner
Address: Jalan Haji Saman, 88813 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
Contact: +60 88-232 231
Opening Hours: 10am - 11pm 

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