Monday, August 10, 2015

Mystery Fukubukuro bag from Japan Giveaway!

What's up, party people!

I am heading to Japan from 31 Aug to 5 Sept. I have a very interesting schedule planned out which may or may not include climbing Mount Fuji! So follow me on Instagram and Facebook for on-the-go updates while I am there.

Oh, and I'll be shopping...a lot. For myself as well as for you, my loyal viewers!

Because I'll be giving away a Fukubukuro bag filled with cool stuff and merchandises all the way from the shops, stalls and alleys of Tokyo!

What will be in it, no one knows. Not even I. I'll only know when I get back from the trip but it could consist of...a Starbucks Japan- edition tumbler or maybe some super cool handphone casing or even fresh air from Mount Fuji or maybe an adult toy Kit Kat from Japan! Or maybe even all of the above!

Fukubukuro bags aka mystery bags are a Japanese New Year custom where shops like Apple and Starbucks filled shopping bags with a bunch of random unknown merchandises and sell them off at discounted prices. Sometimes if the buyer is super lucky, they would have just purchased an iPad at a completely discounted price. Fukubukuro bags are real fun and some of the popular shop often see lines starting after Christmas just to stand a chance of buying the mystery bag.

But luckily for you, you don't need to pay anything or queue to be in the running for my Tokyo Fukubukuro bag.

All you need to do is:
1. Follow me on Instagram: taniawee13
2. Answer this question in the comment section below:

What do you hope will be in the Fukubukuro bag if you win it? 

3. IMPORTANT: Don't forget to leave your name, email and Instagram handle with your answer so that I can contact you if you are the lucky winner of the Fukubukuro bag.

Giveaway period ends on 5 Sept 2015, Saturday midnight so good luck!

Terms and conditions:
1. Winner will be selected at random.
2. Giveaway is open to those residing in Malaysia or has a Malaysian address only. It can be a home or office address.
3. Entries that have not completed the stated instructions will be automatically disqualified.
4. Entries without the requested details will be disqualified.
5. Blogger is not responsible for any allergic reaction or hurt feelings if winner is not happy with the prize.
6. Prize cannot be exchanged for anything else or for cash.
7. Contents of the Fukubukuro bag is up to the blogger's discretion and anything she deems suitable as gifts. It might even be at random.
8. Contents might be rated +18.
9. Prize will be delivered by a delivery service of the blogger's choosing or if the winner is within her vicinity, she might drop it off herself.
10. Giveaway period ends on 5 Sept 2015, Saturday, midnight Malaysia time. Winner will be notified via email and Instagram two weeks after the end of the giveaway. If winner does not respond to email within 48 hours, blogger reserves the right to select another winner.


Elie said...

Japan again omg so jealous!!! Okay, okay so before you're all the way there, here's what I would like in my Fukubukuro Bag.

1. Anything to do with Pokemon because it's my childhood wtf. My ranks of favourites from the starters are Pikachu, Squirtle, Charmander then finally Bulbasaur.
2. An omamori that doesn't expire (Did you know they expire?!) because I cannot return it when it does fml. Preferably for health or safety.
3. Any kind of Japanese snacks. Just because they're Japanese snacks.
4. Any toy from the egg machines. I'll have anything, as long as it comes from your heart. D'awww.

My name is Elie, my e-mail address is and my Instagram handle is @eliephante. Will you follow me back?

Yumi Meiki said...

Omg Japan! Here's what I'd really love to find in the fukubukuro bag!

1. Tsum tsum especially eeyore!
2. Tokyo banana!!! Coz its really really yummeh!
3. Anything you think that you want you gift to your reader because its something that you picked from the heart!

I'm Yumi @iamyumimeiki and my email is ♡

cloudcws said...

What do you hope will be in the Fukubukuro bag if you win it?

1. Anything have to do with Pokemon, particularly Pikachu!!!!
2. Any sort of Japanese snacks.
3. Japan Kitkat!

I'm Cloud Email Instagram handle is @cloud_cws.

sslow said...

Japan is such a nice place to travel! I hope you enjoy your trip!

Here's what I would like in my Fukubukuro Bag:
1. Pikachu related souvenir!!! I am a big fan of Pikachu <3
2. Starbucks Japan- edition tumbler
3. Anything that you find suitable as gift :)

I'm Sze Shin.
Instagram handle: @szeshinlow

Ningning said...

What do you hope will be in the Fukubukuro bag if you win it?

I want a fox onesie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!��

Im ningning
Instagram handle: @ningningsquare

Tania said...

Hi Elie! Omamori it is then! hahahaha

Tania said...

Tokyo banana is awesome!! Nice to meet you Yumi and good luck! :)

Tania said...

Hahha, Pikachu is my favourite pokemon! Oh, and which Japan Kitkats do u have in mind? They have so many flavours there :D

Tania said...

Another Pikachu fan! Coolness! All the best, Sze Shin!

Tania said...

Ok, Ningning. One Kitsune onesie! Good luck :)

cloudcws said...

It seems Pikachu is many people favourite pokemon over here.
I wouldn't mind one for each type since I have only tried green tea flavour.
But if I were to choose, I would choose the pink, orange and macha :)

DimSumZai said...

What do you hope will be in the Fukubukuro bag if you win it?

I hope that I will get:-

Beats Pill
any gadgets !
and maybe a japanese girlfriend?

Instagram handle: @jfreeloh

Have a safe trip Tania Wee! :)

Kei B said...

What do you hope will be in the Fukubukuro bag if you win it?

I hope that I can get a seasonal flavored japanese Pepsi!.
Or anything that is 18SX++. Hentai kamen is hentai kamen.

Thanks Tania, Enjoy Japan

Fahmi B
Instagram handle: @keiorise

Arisa Chow said...

Hope there is a variety of famous Tokyo banana cakes, gudetama merchandises, and anything that has a neko on it 😻

I basically a fan of anything Japan has to offer so I definitely won't be disappointed with their fukubukuro 😂

Enjoy you trip in Japan babe!
Name: Arisa Chow
Instagram: @Arisa_Chow

tammy lee said...

What do you hope will be in the Fukubukuro bag if you win it?
i hope all local japan product which represent their culture & kit kat

thanks tania,

name: lee may theng
instagram: lee may theng