Sunday, August 30, 2015

Naughty Babe Dirty Duck restaurant, Bangsar review

I was hungry, naughty and ready to get down right dirty. And Naughty Babe Dirty Duck in Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar was just the dining place to suit my mood that night for dinner.  As expected of a place with the words babe and duck in it, whimsical pig and duck decorations were aplenty in the restaurant.

Under the delusion that we needed to balance the rich meal ahead with some greens, we ordered their Wildest Rocket salad. Wild rocket leaves were my favourite so I enjoyed this delicious healthy dish very much. With a mix of pomegranate for crunch, crispy turkey ham, a generous shaving of parmigiana and a drizzle of honey lime dressing, this salad was a combination of sweet, savoury and sour.

We also ordered the Dirty Nachos, a hearty dish of corn tortilla served with cheddar cheese, jalapenos, tomato salsa, sour cream, guacamole and of course crispy pork bacon. With so many flavours and textures on one plate, this was definitely a dish to share.

And of course, the main star dish of the night, was the Naughty Babe Dirty Duck. Glazed with homemade barbecue sauce, our slab was glorious and glistening with succulent meat and flavours. It also came with a choice of tomato salsa or hot stuff but we ignored both in favour of true meatiness. Nevertheless, this was a dish that vanished in less than 10 minutes.

For a mid-week day, Naughty Babe Dirty Duck was rather crowded with the pork ribs being a common sight on almost all the tables. The ambiance was cozy albeit noisy when there is a large group. All in all, not too bad. For pure pork ribs, this would be my place of choice.

It being on Jalan Telawi 2, parking is a bitch but you will have no issue finding it as it's right next to the famous Devi's Corner.

Naughty Babe Dirty Duck
Address: 25, Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar Baru
Contact: 03-2288 8188

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