Monday, August 3, 2015

Purradise Cat Cafe, TTDI

A rainy Saturday dinner outing unexpectedly became an outing to a newly opened cat cafe in Taman Tun Dr Ismail for me over the weekend. On a whim, my friends and I googled cat cafes in Malaysia and came across Purradise Cat Cafe. Located in a very popular TTDI area (across the road from its Pasar Besar area), the cafe was very spacious in comparison to the those found in Singapore and Japan. Spotting a bright and outdoorsy feel, the cafe offers bean bags, grass carpets for your wiggle toes and of course, ample of platforms, boxes, holes and toys for the kitties. 

In short, it was quite literally paradise for cat-lovers.

Before going into the main room, shoes and slippers have to be removed and placed on the racks. Once inside. the owner Daryl checked us in by taking our smoothie orders. It was RM15 per hour which also included a free smoothie or fresh juice drink. After which, each additional blocks of 15 minutes are only RM3. Human food like sandwiches and cakes are available too. It was a must to hand-sanitise your hands before playing or petting the cats and this can be done at the counter. 

We parked ourselves in the garden-like area nearest to the window and equipped ourselves with kitty toys to lure in the resident cats. In total, there were 9 cats with a few popping in and out from their back room. All of them were adopted from PAWS animal shelter in Subang Jaya and they were a joy to play with. They were all healthy and perfectly comfortable with humans, kids included. 

We caught them at the peak of their active hour and were thoroughly entertained by them for the whole time we were there. When I previously visited the cat cafe in Kyoto, the cats there were mostly snoozing or too spoiled to pay any attention to us humans. Evening seemed like a good time to drop by Purradise Cat Cafe. 

Majority of our time there was kept entertained by a 11 month old tri-coloured kitten who was just a hyper active ball of energy. Of course, like any baby, it quickly exhausted itself out and soon it was nappy time for it. So cute. 

The smoothies were really delicious and healthy with fruit options mixed with soy milk and honey. I had their 'Purr by the Beach' and also opted for a chocolate cake. My sister really liked the cake stating it was not too chocolaty and even had a taste of orange in it. I just loved its chocolate ganache. 

With the standard fee, our chocolate cake and an extra 15 minutes, we only paid RM21 per person for our time there which was waaaaay cheaper than Singapore or Japan's cat cafes. I highly recommend Purradise Cat Cafe to any cat lovers out there. But if you have the space, time and love for one furkid of your own, then do adopt from PAWS or SPCA. 

Remember, by adopting you are saving not one life but two. I hope to see more cafes advocate this policy around Malaysia and educate the people that adopted kitties are just as lovely as pure breed furballs or maybe...even better. 

What not do in a cat cafe 
1. Do not grab a cat by its tail. 
2. Do not disturb a sleeping cat.
3. No flash photography. 
4. Do not feed the cat your human food or drink as it might be hazardous to the cat. 

Purradise Cat Cafe
Address: (First Floor), 24, Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 2, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Hours: 11am-11pm, everyday 
Tel: +60 3-2389 0976

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