Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Nutella-filled Tella Ball Shake at Foodcraft Espresso and Bakery, Sydney Australia

Chances are you would have already heard of the famous Tella Balls from Sydney. But I am still gonna blog about them here because chances are you've only seen and heard about them on Instagram and in the news.

The Nutella-filled Tella Ball Milk Shakes are a must try for the Nutella lover at Foodcraft Espresso and Bakery with its donut topping capping the decadent treat of chilly cold Nutella milk shake. They have other options too if Nutella is not your thing. (HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE??)

I would suggest you try the Nutella and vanilla flavours first before going for something much sweeter like their salted caramel Tella Ball shake. Now, the salted caramel version is hella sweet and might not suit everyone's taste buds. Even my notorious sweet tooth couldn't handle it.

While the Tella balls are main reasons to visit Foodcraft Espresso and Bakery, their food do not disappoint as well. I ordered the Smashed Avacodo, toast with mashed avocado and poached eggs with a sprinkle of marinated feta cheese, lime and sea salt to enhance the flavours. It was superbly delicious with just the right balance of ingredients and flavours.

As a corner lot in an apartment block, Foodcraft Espresso and Bakery was cosy set with ceiling to floor windows for ample natural lighting. The brick counter further added to the warm ambiance. Lunch time saw quite a crowd coming in for a bite and with limited seating, expect to wait a while for a table. Longer if it is raining as half its seatings are outside.

Foodcraft Espresso and Bakery is reachable via the T3 Bankstown Train Line with the nearest train station being Erskineville station, a 20 minutes ride from the city center. From the station, it's a downhill 10 minutes walk to the cafe.

Foodcraft Espresso and Bakery

Address: 33 Bridge St, Erskineville NSW 2043, Australia
Contact: +61 2 8384 6657
Sunday 8am–4pm
Monday Closed
Tuesday 7am–4pm
Wednesday 7am–4pm
Thursday 7am–4pm
Friday 7am–4pm
Saturday 8am–4pm

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