Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Milo Breakfast Day Run 2016 - Putrajaya

Who doesn't love a hot cup of Milo in the morning?

I do. When I was but a wee kid in primary school, Milo was the first thing I reached for in the morning, lactose-intolerance be damned. This malt favoured drink will always have a special place in my heart and also in the hearts of 50,000 Malaysians as evident by the recent Milo Malaysia Breakfast Movement.

As the final leg of the Milo Breakfast Movement, Malaysia Breakfast Day culminated in Putrajaya today with a buzzing crowd of approximately 22,000, adding up to approximately 50,000 participants across seven locations in the country.

Thanks to a kind invitation by Milo to participate in the Milo Breakfast Day Run, I got to take part in the 5k run and found myself up bright and early at Putrajaya for the flag off. This was my second Milo Run, the first being the 7k run in 2015.

For crowd control, runners were flagged off in two waves and I, being the kiasu one, made sure I was in the first wave. At 7:15am, we were off tackling a pretty straightforward 5km route with rolling slopes up to the U-turn point and back. I gunned it and hit the finish line 35 minutes later. My Polar M400 clocked in 5.5km instead of 5km and I was pleased with my overall pace.

After collecting my medal (a gold Milo truck!), my goodie bag and a coupon for breakfast, I made a beeline fort the breakfast counter and redeemed my free nasi lemak. The rows and rows of Milo trucks all over the venue soon drew my attention away from everything else.

Just as it was when I was a kid, Milo was my breakfast. Following its mission to drive the importance of breakfast as an essential source of energy to “Own the Day”, Malaysians were treated to wholesome breakfast and fun, educational activities, including consultations with nutritionists, after the much loved MILO® Breakfast 3km Family Fun Run and 5km Individual Run and not forgetting the energizing Zumba sessions.

“Most Malaysians don’t seem to realize just how important the first meal of the day is. NMM is pleased to support this massive initiative to spread the message of importance of consuming nutritious breakfast,” shared Dr. Tee E Siong, Chairman of NMM Steering Committee.

The breakfast event hosted activities for everyone, including Zumba, football, educational games and also Body Mass Index checks with nutritionists from NMM, who were at the Wellness Zone for consultations. Chef Fadzly Omar also hosted a cooking workshop demonstrating quick breakfast recipes suitable for busy families.

Melaka was the first city to host this year’s MILO® Malaysia Breakfast Day (27 March), followed by Kuantan (10 April), Kota Kinabalu (17 April), Johor (23 April), Penang (15 May), Kuching (22 May), and culminating in Dataran Putrajaya as the grand finale of the largest breakfast gathering in Malaysia this year.

I am definitely looking forward to next year's Milo Breakfast Day Run and event!

For more information on the MILO® Breakfast Movement and nutritious breakfast tips, please visit: www.milo.com.my.

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