Saturday, July 9, 2016

Climbing Mount Kinabalu - My Checklist and Climbing Tips

Planning for a climb can be a headache. First you need to ensure that your check-in weight for your flight has enough space and weight allowance for you to bring along your stuff. I flew Malindo for my Mount Kinabalu climb and that came with a 30kg check-in.

But first things' first. What to bring and how to pack. Here is a rough checklist that I put together. I've sectioned everything to when I would need them during the hike and kept them in plastic bags for easy retrieval and to keep them dry should it rain.

Duffle bag (to be carried by porter) 
Sleep-Summit clothes
 - 1 pair of long compression pants
 - 1 Uniqlo HeatTech long sleeve shirt
 - 1 drifit shirt
 - 1 cotton sweater (to wear around Laban Rata and to sleep)
 - 1 set of underwear and sports bra.

Post summit (descending clothes) 
 - 1 drifit shirt
 - 2.5ltr bottle of water (to refill hydration bag for descent)

 - 2 pairs of socks
 - 2 pairs of gloves
 - toothbrush and toothpaste
 - contact lens

Day bag (Salomon Hydration Trail 10) (self-carry) 
To Laban Rata
 - 1 outer waterproof jacket
 - 1 poncho/raincoat
 - 1 inner uniqlo water-resistant jacket
 - 1 extra camera
 - 1 headlamp
 - 1.5 ltr water in hydration bag bladder
 - 1 Lunch pack as part of the package

To summit
 - 0.5 ltr water in hydration bag bladder
 - 1 handphone
 - 1 headlamp
 - 1 outer waterproof jacket
 - 1 poncho/raincoat
 - 1 camera
 - 1 GU Gel (to take at Sayat-Sayat point)

Additional Tips: 
1. You will want to keep a jacket with you in case it rains and if you power on ahead of your guide and porter and arrive at Laban Rata ahead of them. As your body's cooling down from the climb, the jacket will do wonders to keep you warm.

2. Once again, make sure to water proof your belongings in wraps of ziplock followed by plastic bags. You just do not want to be soaking wet while hiking.

3. You can rent hiking sticks from the guide for RM10 which is a major help coming downhill.

4. Heat packs from Daiso (RM5.30) can work wonders to keep your body warm at the summit.

5. The most basic advice, the sooner you reach Laban Rata, the more time you have to rest.

In certain ways, Mount Kinabalu is an easier mountain to scale than Mount Fuji mainly because you have the guide and porters to help you. But as always, plan wisely and respect the mountain. If you have further questions on climbing Mount Kinabalu, just drop your question in the comments below or just email me.

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