Sunday, August 7, 2016

Pokemon Go Has Arrived in Malaysia

Oh what a glorious time to be alive in this world. The original 151 Pokemon is back and in the form of a reality interactive app, Pokemon Go. For the children of the 90s, this is a dream come true. From staring and button smashing for hours at our Gameboys to walking everywhere on foot in search for the rarest Pokemon to complete our Pokedex, it is just amazing!

So much thought has gone into Pokemon Go as evident by the types of Pokemon that appears at different places. Water pokemons near lakes, ponds and river, grass, poison, ground types in really did seem like we were walking all over the Kanto region.

I initially downloaded Pokemon Go from the US server but after gaining my starter Pokemon, Pikachu, I was stagnant for three weeks before Pokemon Go was quietly launched in Malaysia on 6 August 2016, 9am. I was on my way to the mall when the news broke and I gradually saw a lot of people staring at their screens throughout the day. I am not ashamed to admit I was one of them.


Because Pokemon was gloriously fun back in those days, a shared hobby that a lot of us indulged in with our Gameboys as we travelled in a foreign world, free of studies to be the best.

And now Pokemon Go brings back those nostalgic days with a touch of reality.

Today I spent two hours at the neighbourhood park, chasing down the three starter pokemon, Scyther, Rhyhon and Dragonair and succeeded. There were tons of other people there too all for the same reason. And it felt...weird but it was a nice weird.

So yes, Pokemon Go has landed in Malaysia and once again, the hunt continues to be the best. If you don't like it, then just ignore it. It's the 90s again and life is good.


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