Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Ezbuy Malaysia: Taobao in English

In this day and age, online shopping is the way to go. Easy, hassle free and your boss won’t catch you running off to a mall for a new wardrobe now and then. We are literally spoiled for choice with sites like Zalora, Lazada and Taobao for us to shop on for our fashion and gadget fixes.

While I have shopped plenty on Zalora and Lazada, I have not purchased anything from Taobao for one simple yet significant reason….EVERYTHING IS IN CHINESE. 

What a pity because their stuff are pretty nice and reasonably priced as well. Then I was introduced to ezbuy Malaysia, the banana-friendly version of Taobao in Malaysia. There are many thing to buy on ezbuy from fashion to home decors to car accessories.

Granted the translation may not be the best but it is better than gibberish in Chinese characters. At least I know that I am buying a bag on ezbuy Malaysia and not a picture of a bag. 

Signing up on ezbuy is easy as user can do so using their email or their Facebook account. From what I see on their site, they also offer local customer service which makes it easier for after sales support in case of damaged or missing orders. This is quite an important feature for me as I am kinda paranoid something goes wrong after ordering. This is something even Taobao does not offer. 

Of course what use is cheap reasonable fees if the shipping fees cost a bomb?! Luckily ezbuy offers the lowest international shipping fee at RM4.50/500g and no agent fees with the additional benefit of flexible pick-up or delivery options. 

ezbuy also offers prime membership which lets users order in bulk and pay only RM8.80 regardless of parcel size and weight. To get this prime membership, you have subscribe with an annual subscription priced at RM188 for one year. So for whole year, you can purchase anything regardless of the size and weight for a flat rate of only RM8.80. If you just want to give it a try, there is a one more trial period at only RM18.80.

I hope I’ve gotten you all excited about this. Now excuse me while I order that cool jacket and bag. You can enjoy shopping on ezbuy with 15% off shipping fee with this code (ezsp15). As soon as you’ve registered with ezbuy, you get a RM15 ezbuy voucher (link). 

Head on over to https://ezbuy.my to start shopping today.

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