Saturday, October 22, 2016

Southeast Asia's first Kit Kat Concept Store opens in Midvalley

I super love Kit Kat, especially those from Japan for their variety of flavours unique to the prefecture and season in Japan. Sakura match, hojicha, raspberry, cheesecake, red bean (not so much) and so on. I could go on and on about my favourite flavours but....oh wait I already did (link).

So when I heard that Midvalley was to house the first Kit Kat Concept Store in Southeast Asia, I was elated. Woohoo, odd, weird flavoured Kit Kat come to me!

The new store, located in front of Baskin Robin 31 lets chocolate lovers the opportunity to create their own custom-made Kit Kat from a choice of 16 premium ingredients such as chili flakes, caramel, senchia kikusui green tea leaves and other stuff. If you do the maths, that is up to 10,000 different creations possibilities. Make it even more personal with a wide selection of gift boxes which can be further customised with messages and designs printed on the pack.

How to “create-your-own” KitKat:
  • Consumers are allowed to choose up to three different ingredients, turning all their chocolate fantasies into reality with their own personal KitKat fingers, bringing their creations to life in front of their eyes.
  • To make the custom creation process as streamlined as possible, there will be a few tablets placed around the store to facilitate the personalisation, ordering and payment process.
  • In addition to creating their own personalised KitKat, consumer’s will also be treated to five extraordinary KitKat Special Editions range of unique flavours every month such as local flavours of Nasi Lemak and the ever most popular king of fruits “Durian”, Café Latte for coffee lovers, Banana Cluster Caramel and Orange, Pineapple and Pecan and many more.

For the official launch of the store on 22 Oct, Duli Yang Teramat Mulia Raja Muda Selangor, Tengku Amir Shah ibni Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah Al-Haj was invited to officiate the KitKat “Chocolatory” concept store together with Yang Amat Mulia Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Syed Anwar Jamalullail, Chairman of Nestlé (Malaysia) Berhad; Mr. Alois Hofbauer, Managing Director of Nestlé (Malaysia) Berhad and Mr. Sachin Goel, Business Executive Manager of the Confectionery Business Unit, Nestlé (Malaysia) Berhad.

To celebrate the store opening a limited edition Royal Selection “Tengku Amir’s Jom Rileks Break” a decadent eight-finger KitKat with sultana, apricot, orange and almonds in milk chocolate will be sold at theKitKat “Chocolatory”. All proceeds from the Royal Selection “Tengku Amir’s Jom Rileks Break” will be presented to Duli Yang Teramat Mulia Raja Muda Selangor, Tengku Amir Shah ibni Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah Al-Haj’s chosen charity Selangor Cheshire Home.

KitKat “Chocolatory” also allows for consumers to get ahead of the crowd by being able to order their customized KitKat fingers online for home delivery exclusively through 11street (

For more information about KitKat “Chocolatory” Malaysia, visit

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